As a matter of fact, no. It really is NOT okay, Boomer

According to the received wisdom of ubiquitous media outlets of every form and description, I am a Boomer, born in 1948. Started hearing unkind “Baby Boom” slogans in early elementary school, say by age 8 (call it the mid 1950’s). Back then such prefabricated political labels weren’t called memes, they were called propaganda, but I digress. According to that endless stream of propaganda us baby boomers were the cause of crowded schools, higher property taxes, disrespectful attitudes toward our elders, parental permissiveness, Dr. Spock , etc. etc ad snotium. So by age 9 or so we “Boomers” were already starting to believe that our innumerable flaws and general badnesses were the reasons for all sorts of stuff we couldn’t even comprehend (much less be responsible for). There was even a nation wide publication free to all school children called “My Weekly Reader” (and yes, we got one EVERY fucking week) that never failed to include the dreaded term in one negative way or another. Carpet bombed, total saturation, full spectrum PsyOp . By age 10 or so I had started to smell the rat, and by age 18 I had figured out what the hell was going on: we were being preemptively neutralized, prophylacticly killed-off, before we all reached voting age and became a serious threat (to the existing political order) AS THE BIGGEST AGE-COHORT VOTING BLOCK IN AMERICAN HISTORY. By the late 1960’s the FBI even had a couple of big nasty programs to identify and take down any potential “Messiah” who might capture and use that overwhelmingly huge voting block to rock the establishment’s boat. And it worked! Numerous such ‘messianic’ wannabes were none too gently removed not just from the political stage but from this vale of tears altogether.

It worked so well, in fact, that the vast majority of Americans “twixt 12 and 20” turned on tuned in and dropped out , proving that with enough careful planning and concentrated effort it is possible to destroy the minds (and thus the lives) of tens of million of innocent children in an assembly line sort of fashion. Hence the ensuing pandemic of drugs, dissociation, alienation, weird sex, senseless violence, nihilism and suicide. It’s been a real fun ride.
And now that we “Boomers” are finally dying off it’s about to be YOUR turn. Good luck to you with that. But before I check into the nearest mortuary ( and check out of your lives forever ) please allow me to scream out loud, one last time, a simple fact that should be obvious to anyone capable of 5th grade arithmetic:



T H E R E __A R E __N O __ G E N E R A T I O N S ! ! !

But there ARE questions, and here is one you should ask yourself about this “generation” thing : Who has been telling you that there are?

Throw Mamma From The Train (just make sure you’re in Ukraine when ya do it)

Remember that Billy Crystal/Danny DeVito movie, “Throw Mamma From The Train” ? In it they reprized the notion that a good way to avoid suspicious scrutiny for a crime is for TWO criminals to collaborate. Each bad guy does the OTHER bad guy’s dirty work at a time and place that gives that other guy a perfect alibi. In the film it’s called a “Criss-Cross”. Well, that’s how the western intelligence agency’s “5 Eyes” collaborative network works too. Brits or Aussies spy on Americans in the USA for CIA (who aren’t legally allowed to spy on Americans inside our borders.) Then CIA returns the favor by tracking Australian or English citizens, and turning the data over to GCHQ. It’s the old “Criss Cross” game. Slick as a whistle.

In the crazy present the game is running at a whole new level.

Our masters (both so-called Parties) now like to run US political trickery through operations in places where our USA rule book doesn’t apply. For example, by running American election operations both in and through places such as Ukraine and China (where US campaigning and election laws have no jurisdiction), using Ukrainian and Chinese officials (who are immune from US laws as well) to actually do the dirty deeds.

And it’s workin’ like a charm. The new code of conduct is based on the belief that “What’s moral is what’s legal, and what’s legal depends on where you are”.

System Alert

“Criminals” can play the system for tremendous gain on the short term (at the expense of everyone else), but in the long term that strategy loses more than was stolen in the first place. Just sift through the rubble that empires and crime lords have left behind when they fell.

Self deluded “honest” people think they can play fair personally by having other folks do their dirty work. That’s the delusion. They subconsciously dodge the feeling of guilt by delegating the more visibly horrendous crimes to “elites” who are more than willing (for high pay and legal immunity!) to carry out the crimes we are too fastidious to attempt. In this way we can live “virtuously” off of the crumbs that fall from the elite’s high and blood soaked banquet table. That self delusion has a grisly price of its own: bone deep self inflicted stupidity, as evidenced by the insane buffoonery now playing out on the world stage by the muddling middle of militant mooks who have largely ( and hilariously ) lost track of which elite they are actually trying to suck up to ! [Examples: Do Maddow and Cooper work for MSNBC, CCN, DNC or the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) ? I swear they have actually lost track of it themselves , but who cares anyhow . . . just as long as the money and perks keep rolling in.]

The so-called “System” we live in is predicated on the belief that it is possible to get more from something (personally) than one (personally) contributed to it. Wrong. Horribly horribly wrong. All around us clamors the din of fools touting claims that their new system is better than the old system, and worth killing for, because only it can “fairly” distribute wonderful crap to those who truly deserve it. Give me a fucking break. It’s just the same old system. It’s all just the various ways to steal stuff and temporarily get away with it. If you think that there is some kind of better “system” then you better double check your room number, because I think you have checked into the wrong Universe.

No one is trying to change the system. They’re all just trying to get to the top of the only one there is.

Epstein didn’t kill himself

Good meme, and I’m sure you know why (or at least you know some of the reasons why), and that’s a big part of what I’ll be trying to say here. Everybody knows some of the truths either said or implied by that incredibly concise statement of fact. But no one (yet) has put all of those outright or implied things together into one clear picture of facts, assembled into one extremely discomforting truth.

And I’ll tell you why that truth is so discomforting : it’s because once you face that truth you are going to have to do something about it.

That’s genuinely scary.

At the risk of preaching the obvious, let’s review a few of the known and knowable facts derived from those five simple words: Epstein did not kill himself.

Epstein, the most prolific serial pedophile known to human history, with thousand of child victims, acquired many hundreds of millions of dollars (from those who had hundreds of millions to pay) by farming out his child sex slaves to the top layers of those who run our world. Favors, treasons, “gifts”, extortions, blackmail and money flowed freely and copiously in all directions.

Those who did not participate sexually participated by other means, either through selective application or denial of the force of law, or by whatever power they wielded in their respective zones of control. These include information, media, law, finance, access, education, government, etc. etc. etc.

Epstein didn’t kill himself, but Epstein is (to quote the Munchkins) not just merely dead he’s really quite sincerely dead.

Therefore someone killed him. Who, pray tell? Precisely who (by name) ordered the hit, planned it out, put the crew together and then executed the crime? Well whoever it was had control-level access to every important system necessary to pull it off, didn’t they? Those who weren’t hands-on in the strangulation participated by some other means. Maybe it was by avoiding their sworn duties to investigate and criminally prosecute known collaborators. Perhaps it was by calling Epstein’s murder a suicide before the body had cooled, or by the press minimizing and burying the story to the fullest extent of the lie. There are lots of ways to participate in the larger crime, and all of those ways were both done and continue being done, to stop the truth from coming out. So far, up to the present moment, exactly zero justice has been done.

The perpetrators were, and are, being protected, yeah? By who, pray tell?

By persons with the power to do so, obviously. That means higher up than mere higher-ups. It can only mean the top. The very top.

Between you and that tippy top are thousands of minor (and not so minor) gang members , clubs, networks, institutions, and individual people. There are hundreds of criminal or cowardly underlings at each step of that twisted chain of feudal command. They have all clearly demonstrated that they will not do their jobs. Because Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Getting away with the Epstein caper demonstrates that they can get away with literally anything. That is the very definition of raw power. So sooner or later they will do whatever, whenever to whomever they choose, on a whim, because that is what power is ( their power is the ability to do whatever the hell they want). Who’s to stop them ?

Only you, gentle reader, only you.

Because sooner or later you won’t really have any other choice.

Power Play

The following analysis of the Julian Assange situation (which as you know is an extension of the Trump Impeachment situation) is more than a little bit on the intensely cerebral side . . . so if that sort of cogitation makes your brain hurt then now is the time to roll your eyes and bail out. You have been warned.

Ultimately, power is the imposition of one’s will upon another in disregard of that other person’s will or best interests. In that sort of world the act of protest and/or the act of complaining about injustice is simply a self inflicted public display of weakness. Obviously, the protestor/complainer is proclaiming that someone else (the alleged perpetrator) is outrageously unfair (i.e. has the power) and the victim can’t stop them (i.e. is helplessly weak).

Those with real power are therefore delighted by protest. Complaints strengthen their position, by demonstrating that they can do anything they want ( the more despicable the better ) and that protest and complaint are both futile and dangerous (warning you to save your skin by saving your breath and shutting the fuck up).

Power would much rather be feared than loved, because power is based on fear. In fact, power is based on fear alone. It is not based on love, at all, because Love is at the other end of the spectrum ( and manifests as willing cooperative collaboration).

Here is how power works: (and it’s not about doing unto others before they do unto you) Basically, power is simply the ability to do whatever the hell you want. Inability in that department is deemed weakness, so if someone stops you from doing what you want (or if you fear to venture in the first place) then that is weakness. It’s an idiot simple basic calculation, but obviously not so simple to actually pull off in the real world. Anyone can be taken out , no matter how bad ass they are, if enough people gang up against them. So anyone aspiring to power needs a gang of their own, and the bigger badder and bolder the better. Think wolf pack. Think Nazis.

That’s the power of tooth and claw for ya. Law of the Jungle. Darwinian shit. Violent. Evolutionary.

Now, even Machiavelli admitted that government by raw selfish power (i.e. fear based) was pretty awful, and that government which sought willing cooperation (i.e. love based) was much nicer. Nevertheless, in this world it’s power that puts food on the table and prevents both the food and the table from being stolen by those who have the power to do so . . . because if they can then sooner or later they will.

Now you might find this sort of thinking distasteful, but powerful people don’t. Nor do their minions, because minions need tyrants every bit as much as the other way around. They think about these kinds of things a lot. They better, because if their tyrannically powerful boss is some kind of wuss then their life as a minion is going to be nasty, impoverished and short.

The rest of the world understands this a lot better than Americans, because their local histories and recent experiences include a lot more examples. We Yanks have had one local war back in 1860-65, and have gotten 99% of our propaganda from one source ever since. We may or may not actually be stupid, but we are definitely ignorant.

So, yeah, power covets the chance to contemptuously squash protest, preferably with displays of overwhelming violence on the 6 O’clock News. They appreciate the free advertising of how powerfully powerful their power is.

So here’s the bottom line about Assange and Impeachment: Assange is in prison because his enemies are more powerful than his allies. It is not about Assange himself. It is about putting his head on a pike, to show YOU who it is that owns the castle. He will go free when that is no longer true. Same goes for the cringeworthy impeachment farce. It will stop when the gang with the most power wants it to stop. Oh, by the way, in case you missed it, this ain’t no localized American dust up. This is a World War, and best not forget it.

Another word about protesting and complaining. Both are useful for gathering more minions, and they are useful for energizing the troops. But beware! They can also create an aura of weakness. It is a balancing act requiring great skill. Go read some Machiavelli with an open mind ( hint : Niccolo Machiavelli was a good guy, speaking dangerous truths to dangerous masters so that you could defend yourself.)

So what is my point? It is that the apparent chaos we see outside right now is not chaos. It is a power struggle between factions who have differing beliefs about what constitutes a good balance between Fear and Love (between raw power and willing cooperation). The powerful Players (all factions) span the globe and are embedded in all governments and institutions. It is NOT an easy thing to sort out. It is truly a balancing act of terrific complexity where the fulcrum keeps shifting in mysterious ways for obscure reasons but two things about it is plain : #1) The game between raw power and willing cooperation is being played full-court for all the marbles (i.e. there are no sidelines or safe zones), and #2) In the end we shall have some of both, whether we like it or not.