My infallible predictions for 2020 CE

Hey, it’s New Years Eve! Time for predictions !

First of all, in less than 24 hours I will have been proved wrong (for only the second instance within recorded history) in last year’s prediction (can you guess what that was ? Correct!) At Midnight I will have lived thru 2019, and who would have thunk that was even possible?

Okay, lets get started :

Prediction #1 Lot’s of hangovers tomorrow (mostly alcohol related, gratefully)
Prediction #2 Plenty more hangovers in the remaining days of 2020 (mostly of the non-alcohol based type, unfortunately)
Prediction #3 My tribe will attempt all sorts of wonderful reforms that will solve humankind’s problems forever.
Prediction #4 These reforms will either fall short or be blocked altogether by the stupid and evil actions of that OTHER tribe.
Prediction #5 These tribes (and a bunch more looking for something to steal or someone to blame for it) will fight.
Prediction #6 Most of us (probably) will live through it (but no guarantees), no thanks to that stupid evil OTHER tribe.
Prediction #7 Survivors will rinse and repeat Prediction 1 thru 6.

Happy Brave New Year.

Spy vs Spy vs Spy . . .

I am tired of how both sides in this ongoing fight in America and around the world (regardless of who one chooses to believe are good guys or bad guys) are evading the most obvious, central and potentially fatal truth about it. Call the battle whatever you want. Nationalists vs Globalists is maybe the most concisely accurate, but you could just as easily call it Conservatives vs Liberals, Plebes vs Elites, or Alt-Right vs Wacko-Left. The name doesn’t matter. What does matter is that no one has the balls to just come out and SAY, in plain fucking English, what BOTH sides have in common.

Therefore , since I am definitely a no one , it is perfectly appropriate that I be the one to spell it out:

The entire Western Empire ( which is to say, primarily, all English speaking countries, led by America … sort of ) is one enormous, convoluted, espionage operation running amok. It has been that way for more than 80 years. Since the run-up to World War 2 actually. There is now only the thinnest and totally faked veil of pretended governance, law, reportage, economics or morality guiding the whole mess, and only a dysfunctional gaggle of inbred arrogant moronic psychopaths in the wheel house. The whole dung heap is spy vs spy vs spy, where anything goes and nothing matters.

It seems that the wisdom of millenia has been unceremoniously dumped into a trash can, and may as well never have been written in the first place (insofar as our current chances of survival are concerned.)

Secrets, half truths and outright lies now comprise our daily bread, and that is a very bad thing. For a would-be democracy that is a very very bad thing. Without good secondhand information we cannot make good decisions. We are all, by the very nature of the universe, utterly dependent upon information that is relayed to us by others because it is literally impossible to directly observe events at which we are not personally present. And no one can directly observe the innermost thoughts and all-too-human motives of others.

When the level of deceit, spin, omissions, lies and damned lies exceeds our personal capacity to suss it all out then we are simply lost. Even the simplest decisions become a total crap shoot. (If you need proof just consider that nearly half of the electorate voted for Hillary Clinton!)

When even our supposed friends and allies can not be trusted to relay to us reliable information then we are well and truly screwed.

Which is now the case.

Both sides in this fight tell the truth only when it serves them, and either lie or omit when it doesn’t.

I’m sure you’ve noticed.

What else could be expected from spys? We now judge truth mainly by guessing who is the worse liar!

You know what happens next, don’t you?

Thaaat’s right.

Violence. If not from our side then from theirs.