. . . oh yeah, and one more thing

Let’s go for the shortest blog post ever. Just for the record.

How well do I think Americans are going to do in this covid 19 pandemic crisis ? Better than you might think.

Time and again, when push comes to shove and everything people hold dear is on the line, America is the standard which the people of Earth turn to as the example of how to behave when it really matters. America is the gold standard for all of the peoples of Earth because we are all of the peoples of Earth. Literally thousands (in some cases millions ) of representatives from every place, race and culture and faith of the entire planet are here. Not by accident but by choice. If not them personally then by the volitional choice of their parents or grandparents.

For better or worse, this nation is literally the Congress of all human beings. Democracy taken to its ultimate extreme. Wild West indeed and in fact.

Yeah, there are stinkers among us. Yeah, we are often led by selfish fools and charlatans, and yeah we fall far short of the standards we profess to believe in. (How else could it possibly be in a nation composed of representatives of every place and people?) But mark my words: for that self-same reason we are a nation of plain folks and natural born unsung heroes of every type, whose honest response to praise is typically genuine discomfort. When everything is on the line, we will just do our jobs.

“The only thing you have to fear … ” ( is denialist bullshit in a REAL crisis )

There is an ideal time, place and situation for every great quotation. For example the ever popular, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” That brilliantly simplistic saying was so perfectly appropriate to its time and place (the depths of the great depression & the growing threat of Nazism) that after Franklin Roosevelt rode the pony til its hooves fell off, Winnie “the Pooh” Churchill swung up onto the saddle and rode it right on through to the end of World War 2.

Apparently, America’s mind molders think there are some more cheap miles left in the deceased beast and so have dragged its carcass out of the propaganda morgue and are trying to ride it again. What a crock. What a lie. What a lazy cop out. They are bereft of brain cells

No, fellow humans, the only thing we have to fear is NOT fear itself. Not by a country mile. Not by a cosmic fucking parsec.

What we have to fear are TWO things. Topping the list is the covid 19 pandemic, and in a close second place is the intractably ARROGANT stupidity of our so-called leadership who insist (to themselves as well as to their citizens) that the best and only way through this crisis is to feed the people of Earth an ever more absurd string of consciously crafted LIES, half-truths and deliberately misleading omissions.

You see, their “welded-into-official-strategic-thinking” policy (to NEVER reveal the whole truth) is not just wrong, it is so horribly wrong that it stands the chance of regressing our entire species back into the stone age .

There is a time , you see, when a healthy dose of good old biological fear is not just a good idea, it’s the best idea. Like when it’s the motivational force that can give you the last crucial smidgen of speed & jump necessary to get you up a tree before that 9 foot tall grizzly bear turns you into a snack.

So, should we panic? Absolutely not. And, demonstrably, we are NOT panicking, are we? Look around the entire planet. Do you see any actual panic? Some outraged anger here and there in pretty small measure, but still ZERO panic.

Should we be afraid? Damned right we should be afraid. It’s a pandemic, gawdammit! Only a complete fool (or total psychopath) lacks fear in the face of pandemic and the rational possibility of physical death. Our capacity for biologically engendered fear is not hardwired into the genome for no reason. Evolution (or God. Your call.) put it there for extremely practical reasons. It can save your sorry butt when the brain ain’t firing on all cylinders. Show me even one species above microbe that exhibits no fear. Sometimes it is exactly the correct response. Fear, not panic. You do understand. I will now stop beating that poor old mistreated pony.

So what’s going on here? What is REALLY AND TRULY going on ? It’s a lot more simple than you may think.

The vast vast vast majority of the planet’s top leadership is lying, omitting, stalling, blaming, misdirecting, and sacrificing other peoples lives while excusing themselves of all responsibility for the mass murder by claiming that its all about avoiding public panic and averting deadly economic collapse.

In other words, they are treating you like idiots who are absolutely incapable of handling true data and they are treating you like owned property that is preserved or slaughtered like a herd of cows. Assets and liabilities, items on a financial balance sheet. The extreme irony in all of this is that, by doing what they’re doing, they prove beyond doubt that they are idiots incapable of rational thinking and that they themselves are owned by the oligarchs whose directions they now follow.

Look. We are all highly dependent on second-hand information. We can not be physically present to first-hand observe all of the stuff we need to know. When the information is “truer” we tend to make better decisions and when it’s “falser” we usually don’t fare so well. When the choice can determine the difference between life or death then it’s about as serious as things ever get.

If you don’t buckle down starting right now and cold bloodedly sort out who’s lying to you and who isn’t, then mother nature and covid 19 will take care of the rest, and you will soon have nothing to worry about ever again.

As for me, I am staying the fuck at home.

A Whole New TYPE of Tsunami (like you ain’t never seen before)

I’m willfully breaking one of my own Wrules of Wrighting Wisdom, which is to not start typing ( and especially not publishing !) something before I’ve thunk it all the way through. But hey, I’ve got an excuse. Several excuses as a matter of fact, and good ones, too.

First and best is the one we all fall back on in times of stress and duress, which is to say, What the Hell !! I’ve got nothing to lose, and nobody else gives a damn anyhow! It’s just a bunch of words on a screen. No one is going to read them while I’m still alive , and would not pay much heed if they did.

The second great excuse is one that a couple of billion fellow humans should be able to personally relate to at the moment. I am alone, “locked down” so-to-speak, in more or less self imposed protective quarantine. Like literally billions of other Earthlings, cowering within my home awaiting my fate, praying for the Plague Horseman to pass my gate not enter . Under such circumstances the good old screen and keyboard must serve as a substitute for company, as a sort of quasi-conversant, or make believe listener upon whom I can test the ideas and language of this emerging thought. It’s a very polite and patient conversationalist, I must admit. Never complains or argues, but I must also say that at times it’s baleful stare and critical silences can feel quite judgmental.

So, getting back to that tsunami analogy. What do I mean by it?

A favorite literary trope about tidal ways and tsunamis is to begin the tale with a curious kid or dumb gaggle of beach goers being all puzzled and befuddled by the sea receding from the shore to some unusual distance. “Whatever could this mean?” They reportedly ask of each other. “Ain’t never seen that before !” invariably declares the old geezer who always manages to find his way into these stories.

Really ? I mean to ask, “Are you trying to tell me that of the literally thousands of times this stupid fib has been repeated in every communication medium known to humankind that none of you fictitious folks has ever heard about it? The inability to adequately express the depths of my doubt exceeds my ability to scoff out loud. All I can say is “Ah, well”, and “Let’s just get back to the analogy.”

Okay, so the water recedes and recedes and recedes some more. We are supposed (I suppose) to imagine that the distance it pulls away is going to be comparable to the destructive force with which it all comes roaring back in the form of a tidal wave.

That’s the worn out old picture, right? Ocean pulls back, and back and back and then returns in a giant and irresistible wave of unimaginable destruction.

Only what if that’s not what happens this time? What if the destructive consequences of covid-19 is not the roaring tsunami of fatal illness , but is instead something else? Something we have never seen before?

What if it is simply the continued withdrawal of all of the things that we laughably call a civilization. Just less and less and less? Sticking with the analogy of oceans and tsunamis, what if the sea just recedes and recedes and then recedes some more, until everyone ( truly dumbfounded this time) is just standing there like dopes, stupefied ? Waiting forever, on dry sand, for that which will never return?

Not exactly a dramatic conclusion to a exciting tale, but give that a little time.

There will be plenty of drama, both before (and even more after) people understand that the life-blessing “waters” of advanced technological civilization ain’t never coming back. Not in their lifetimes, at least, and maybe not ever at all.

Have I any preparatory advices to offer prior to this grim foreseen reality? Why , yes I have.

First and foremost, don’t catch the virus in the first place. Self quarantine if that is at all possible for you to do (as in 100% isolation). 100% isolation for you and your loved ones is 100% effective. Less than that (even a little less) means the pandemic continues. Simple as that. Like that old guy said in the song, “Stay the fuck at home!”

Secondly, and this is extremely important because (humans being what we are : humans !) the pandemic is very nearly 100% certain to roar on through to it’s all-too-natural conclusion. The absurdly delicate and imperfect balances of our Global Economy were never a Swiss Watch. At best they were a Rube Goldberg contraption that rattled and lunged and crept only when a fed a steadily increasing diet of debt, deceit and despicable deeds. That’s over for good. Covid-19 killed it deader than Rube himself, now long since dead as a door nail. ‘Globalism’ is broke and it is broken. It’s going-away-present was covid 19, please allow me to say thanks very much. So then, hard times to come. A whole new type of tsunami , like you ain’t never seen before.

The next few months of lockdown are an opportunity to study up on things like how to garden, cook, fix small tools, attend First Aid to your own owies, and purify drinking water. What the hell, right? Why not do it? The worst that could result from doing your back-to-basics homework is that you entertain yourself for few months and learn stuff that makes you a better camper. Best case is that it saves both your own life and the lives of those you would’t want to live without.

Now git. We all have work to do.

A Virus just smashed a ton of bricks through my Overton Window

It doesn’t take advanced mathematics or towering genius to sort out the panoramic view of the CoViD-19 pandemic. Big cojones and a little arithmetic will do the trick. The DNC, Main Stream Media , Wall Street and Eurozone have been running on Chinese Communist money ever since Richard Nixon. Bill Clinton sealed the deal in a big way decades ago and now to say Globalist is pretty much the same as saying Chinese Communist or Eurozoniac. Stone cold killers, the whole lot of them, whose level of evil scumbagness exceeds my vocabulary by such a stretch that I won’t even try. I’m pretty sure, however, that this pandemic was a fatal over-reach on their part (just like running Hillary for President was way premature and back-fired so very very badly.) Too many smart people now get the picture and are publicly calling them out plain and simple. For one thing, the fatality rate just isn’t high enough to take us all out ,  plus THEY can get it too.

Those are all pertinent, non-trivial factors, but here’s the real kicker:  They  just unintentionally put a fucking ton of bricks through the “Overton Window” , making it now perfectly acceptable to publicly discus facts and questions like :

Is American media working for the Chinese Communist Party ?

Have the Democrats been running Manchurian Candidates on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party ever since Bill Clinton?

Have Chinese Communists and anti-American Globalist agents infiltrated our Intelligence services?

Who really owns and takes profits from Chinese Manufacturing and exports?

Is the CCP feeding false information to the rest of the world, through agents dupes and fools in Academia/WHO/CDC (Deep State) and Mainstream Media, for the purpose of maximizing death and damage from CoViD-19?

Rhetorical questions, aren’t they, as you have known at some level of subconscious awareness for a very long time now.

So here comes the larger question : are you going to let them get away with it?

An Arithmetic Lesson Humankind Will Never Forget

I don’t want to be alarmist, but there is a very important math concept that is likely to play out in reality to make the CoViD-19 situation considerably worse in the event that the virus spread becomes genuinely uncontrolled ( that is : infects 70% of 7.5 Billion people). It is the SIMULTANEITY of symptomatic victims during the last two or three “doubling cycles”. In the final 2 or 3 of the estimated “3-days-long doubling cycles” more than half of the estimated 5 Billion Total ( 70 % of 7.5 Billion, rounded down) would become infected all at once. In other words upwards of two and a half Billion people would acquire the virus within a single week. One fourth would become seriously symptomatic a week later. That’s 750,000,000 people getting pretty damned sick all at the same time. Perhaps 100,000,000 of the grand total (.2 % of 5 Billion) would be expected to die. And once again, for all meaningful purposes this can be considered to be occurring pretty much in the same extremely short time span (weeks), and not just in hospitals.

This SIMULTANEITY has no comparable event in human history. Ever. Not even the Plague.This goes far beyond a case of overwhelmed hospitals because hospitals, even if overwhelmed, are geographically few and far between, and thus comparatively physically isolated. But if 50 or 100 million die in the space of a few weeks the vast majority are simply not going to do so in or even near to hospitals. They would die wherever they got sick, in homes and apartments literally everywhere. And so it seems highly likely to be more a case of overwhelmed civilization rather than overwhelmed Health Care facilities. Such a number of dead, broadly distributed geographically, would quickly become new hazards in the form of typhoid and cholera epidemics, not to mention our ancient enemy Plague.

In other words, the potential for “knock-on” domino style secondary and tertiary critical systems failures are so highly likely as to be virtually certain. It would not take too many Fukushimas , happening almost simultaneously, to pose an actual threat to the survival of our species. Nuke plants should be taken off line starting last week. It will not be done because the financial costs are extremely high and the risks are not yet sufficiently obvious to the non-scientists who ultimately make such decision. How ironic that folks who are so clever with payrolls , bankrolls and voter registration statistics are so bad with numbers.

Allow me a little really dark humor. It’s been said that ‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. ‘ I would revise that to read , “Those who do not understand arithmetic are doomed to become history.”

Truth Management

It seems that the world has swiftly evolved ( instantaneously transmogrified ?) into an era that is at the very least a full order of magnitude beyond the dystopian prophesies of George Orwell’s “1984.”

Who woulda thunk that the catalyst for the biggest shift in the history of human life would be one of the smallest things that aspires to life-like existence? An itsy bitsy little packet of encapsulated RNA called a virus. The SARS CoV 2 virus, to be precise. That speedy little grantor of the disease CoViD-19.

In this “Cowering New World” the very essence and nature of Truth and Lie has been not merely turned upside down. It has been twisted into tangled strands of quasi-information that is beyond any possibility of being deciphered in time to avert catastrophe.

Veracity and Prevarication have been been tied into Byzantine Knots of such astounding complexity that even the liars themselves are totally, hopelessly, and irrecoverably CONFUSED.

To verify this as a fact requires only a very simple review of what you have already observed.

Consider what you have heard in the past many weeks from whatever sources you personally bothered to listen to. The list might include government officials, scientists, news media, and various “wise-and-trustworthy-persons” of every kind, gender and sort. A lot of people, right?

Now recall, as best you can (no need to go all “Rain Man” about it) what each of these more or less trusted sources has individually said or advised about the virus. What they have told us about what the virus has done or what it might do. What they have advised about what we should or should not do. What is going to happen (or not happen) next.

All over the map, right?

Each has individually changed their position numerous times (oftentimes flip-flop reversals), right?

The really vital information ( that is, the stuff you really need to know in order to make best-guess decisions about personal safety) is the hardest to find and often conflicting, right?

What I come away with from all that propaganda is as follows : that it’s really really bad ( or maybe not so bad as we fear), so definitely stay home ! (and lose your job !?) and that I should wear a mask and wash my hands like an OCD maniac ( or don’t bother because masks are useless and desperately needed by hospitals !!, But whatever the case be sure to blame it all on the Orange Man in the White House ( or China instead.)

You do get the general picture ?

Yeah. Everyone is telling the truth (or lying), promoting information (or withholding it), and supporting solutions (or attacking them) based on whatever personal agenda they might have but are definitely NOT transparently sharing with you. Clearly, they are themselves so totally fucking confused they can’t even keep their own lies straight.

One doesn’t get to be elite by being truthful or right (although that peculiarity does at times play a minor introductory role). One joins the elite, and certainly retains the position, by agreeing with the other elite, all of whom agree with that most fundamental rightness of all : that they themselves are worthy of their position (Lord knows why… so many of them are so absolutely not. ) Anyway, this all works well enough that civilization manages to creak unsteadily along by one way or another UNTIL (ominous background music here) they are dreadfully WRONG. So, basically, that is what just happened.

So, to sum all of this up in a few sentences : the hubris, ignorance, deceits and betrayals of our leaders are now coming home to roost like a sky darkening flock of passenger pigeons. Justice is about to be served. Too bad for them that it is of the poetic variety, because they are about to experience what they caused, just like the rest of us.