Universal Basic Income ? Whazzat?

Let’s get right to the point : So-called Universal Basic Income is not one bit crazier than the Universal Basic Outgo that we already have.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the critics of UBI ( all of them rich guys) say that giving people something for nothing will not only make us go broke, but also encourages laziness by paying people to be lazy. Maybe so. Just like slapping people with an unpayable debt the moment they’re born is a bad thing because it turns more than half of the entire population of earth into slaves who can never escape from servitude to unelected undeserving uncontrolled unprincipled oligarchs who live off of the debt collection.


Should not sauce for the goose also be sauce for the gander?

Using physical force (or the enforceable threat of it) to make me pay a tax on food, shelter, clothing and the ground I sleep upon is not a logical extension of some fundamental truth or natural justice . It is a purely arbitrary , human-made rule devised by rulers ( all rich guys.) Maybe that’s a good thing and maybe it’s not, but one thing about it is for sure in either case: it’s “made-up” , invented, and artificial.

It’s just Unviversal Basic Outgo isn’t it?

How is that fair? How is that not crazy as bat shit?

If I am arbitrarily born into debt and servitude it seems to me both fair and logical that I also get a few “free chips” in compensation. That way I can at least stay alive (barely) on an ongoing basis so as to keep trying to dig my way out of the hole I got thrown into at the git-go.