A Modest Proposal

It’s just fascinating ain’t it ? We know that the Big Guys absolutely must stop the populist rebellion that has clearly breached the gates of the counterfeit empire (I’m talking about the “GameStop Rebellion here). Failure to staunch the hemorrhage ends in certain death for the current empire. And yet the bleedout continues unabated… so far ! What weapon will the empire finally use to kill these peasants ? At first I was sure the weapons would be exclusion, censorship and ban. Now I’m thinking it might be a little more “High Tech” .

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a straight up prediction. I predict that the empire will use its near total ownership-control of the Internet (wires, servers, mainframes ,software, networks and everything) to route ALL buying and selling of stock (etc) through a new and proprietary FIREWALL, which allows approved traffic to go through and non-approved traffic to NOT go through. Only government approved trades (buys or sells) would be able to enter or leave the actual market (if you could even call such a monstrosity a “market”).

We are fast approaching the state of affairs in which the worlds entire “official” economy is nothing but an enormous computer simulation of a market. Members get paid. Non members get bupkis (or less). No more uncertainty or stock market crashes !! No more of a lot of things, actually.

I also wonder about something. It’s fairly geeky in nature and so I have previously avoided even mentioning the topic. Did I say fairly geeky ? I should have said, “Hell, this is straight up Science and Engineering shit. If you don’t like numbers then I’m warning ya now to bail out while you can. The next few paragraphs could be fatally boring.

Here’s the deal. MASSIVELY powerful computing ( almost unimaginatively fast and powerful) has enabled the creation , use and abuse of the Internet, which in turn has enabled several other world altering technologies to grow like mushrooms.

For examples : a) direct and nearly instantaneous communication. . . via cell phone portable computers . . . between virtually ALL human individuals. b) Pervasive 24/7 mass surveillance . . . via those phones, mostly . . . of those humans. c) Use of those two capabilities to manipulate and exploit those humans at psychological levels below their conscious awareness. d) Synchronous transaction and accounting of virtually ALL money and the ability to even HAVE that electronically symbolized money in the first place. And finally e) Blockchain technology to keep all of the above shit properly assigned to proper owners and all changes properly accounted for.

Looks super efficient (albeit extremely prone to abuse) when viewed through the lens of thought and intellectually consistent logic. In other words, looks workable on the drawing board . . . but will it fly ?

Let me say all of that a different way. Quite aside from whether these cyber abilities will be a force for good or a force for evil or a force for both . . . let’s ask a far more fundamental question : could it actually be a force at all ? Could it even work, or function or run in the first place.

Maybe not.

Maybe the science and engineering numbers don’t pencil out.

I’m thinking they don’t, and for a very un-evadable reason : there’s not enough generable electricity in the whole wide world to even get close to the amount needed to run the computers to do the calculating to run the system. Not by a long shot. Not by a country mile. Not by a fucking parsec unit of distance.

Example : Cryptocurrency ( and many other things, too) depends on a software technique called blockchain, which is very very VERY computing intensive. That computing consumes energy , and the energy consumption required JUST TO REPLACE MONEY ALONE WOULD EXCEED TOTAL WORLD ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION BEFORE EVEN HALF OF THE WORLD’S MONEY WAS REPLACED.

Hmmmm. Yes, that could be a problem alright. And that’s just for the money. Tracking every penny made, spent or saved is child’s play compared to tracking (and analyzing) every action done or word spoken.

To do that would require computational power ( and electrical bills) truly beyond human imagining. The quantity is almost incalculable, but why bother to calculate it ? You could not intellectually grasp the magnitude of the number even if you saw it. Earth could not produce that much power if the planet were made of weapons grade Uranium.

Clearly, the “rise of the machines” has certain limits.

I can’t help but wonder if it will hit those limits before we hit our own.

And in closing, let me say this . . .

Is the “bottom up revolution” illustrated by the Game Stop short squeeze the utterly unforeseen Black Swan we have yearned for these oh so many years? Will the Globalist psychopaths bankrolling the destruction of civilization finally be checked by the Common Man (&/or other gender?) Will Wall Street vampire squids get their legs cut off at last ?


The squids may be scared shitless at the moment ( they ARE scared shitless) but they will soon come to their senses and shoot that dusky old swan exactly the same way that they did with the last populist uprising. They will cut it off and shut it out and turn the act of even speaking its name into a crime ( I refer to the Trump/MAGA populist uprising) . Team Squid OWNS the machine. It will censor, block and criminalize the communications network ( i.e. the Internet ) that made it possible in the first place. New laws and old tricks are being strategized for swift implementation at this very moment.

And in this manner the insane will both delay the immediacy of the coming Global Civil War , and make it more inevitable, uncontrolled, and violent. Those who the gods would destroy they first make powerful. The insanity part is just a consequence of that. . . as is the “destroyed” part.

I reckon less than one tenth of 1 percent of the general population has INSTANTLY twigged to the implications of the Game Stop kerfuffle . . . but they soon will . And those who see how it must play out will spread the word . . . too little, too late, as usual.

Trump/MAGA was round 1 , the Chinese Bio Warfare attack was round 2 , the fraudulent election takedown of the American Empire (bloodless coup) was round 3 , global Internet censorship (Twitter, Google, et al ) was round 4 , and we are now looking at the first really big punch thrown in round 5 (collapse of the global money system).

Round 5 will end in expulsions, amputations and restrictions that will prevent future attempts to pull off “Game Stop Style” attacks.

Round 6 will be uncontrolled, uncontrollable, and chaotic internecine violence by millions of good people who haven’t the slightest fucking notion of what is actually going on around them. The vast majority will simply be trying to prevent themselves from being murdered by stupid people.

I count among those clueless and hapless people pretty much everyone of you on this fine blog. To make myself unambiguously clear, yes, I am calling you out as clueless, hapless, self-absorbed idiots.

There ! That bridge should burn nicely. Won’t have too many fans around these parts anymore.

Hopefully, ripping into me with all of your individual and collective revenge lust will wake you the fuck up.. Ridicule me ! Prove me wrong. Prove me stupid ! Prove me an arrogant asshole with self delusions of superiority. Maybe the blood lust will increase the blood flow to your starving brain cells.

You should be flattered. You’re part of a tiny handful of people smart enough that I even bother to insult you.

Good bye. It was engaging. I’ll check back from time to time to see if this had any effect, but I doubt that it will. I won’t be posting again unless there is a noteworthy response, which I doubt . On a human emotion level, there’s a bunch of ya that I really like personally . That’s why I try to slap you back into consciousness. Good luck to and bless you all.

(dark) Winter Wonderland

Every movement needs an Anthem , so I reckon that the Eurasian Techno-Commies ( plus good old Joe ! ) need one too .  Here’s my contribution to this Brave New World Order. Copyright (c) 1984   Sung to the tune of  “Winter Wonderland” .  For best effect ,  imagine this swan song of democracy being crooned in the powerfully honied tones of Johnny Mathis.

NSA, they are listenin’
Bankers’ eyes, are a glistenin’
The people in fright
We’re happy alright
This is our dark winter wonderland.

Privacy is a new word
Lies Are Truth, haven’t you heard?
When we say it’s wrong
You best play along
Cause this is our dark winter wonderland.

In the Whitehouse we can put a straw man
You pretend he’s sane and loves the poor
He’ll ask how you like all the policemen
Now that they are breaking down your door !

So be good, don’t conspire
Don’t say we are all liars
The payoff’s been made
Too bad, I’ m afraid
That this is our dark winter wonderland

Good Conspiracy Theory Wanted

I could really use one right now. Hell, I’d settle for a half-baked hypothesis or lame explanation. Whatever it takes to make any kind of sense out of the events of the past few years , and especially the past couple of months.

I’m not going to itemize some fucking list . You know ’em by heart. But I will mention that the whole damned thing is made up of events that no one from around these parts had ever seen happen before, and so did not really believe would ever happen. And then they happened. One after another, sometimes stacking up two or three deep. A lot of folks are stunned. I sure am.

Unbelievable ! But when something happens, and becomes part of reality, then you sort of have to believe it, right ? Well when I look back on the recent past I just can’t help but notice that there are some really unpleasant facts that occurred. These are things that would not and could not have occurred if the folks running the country were doing their jobs, so that pretty well proves that they aren’t. Getting them to do their jobs would be a whole lot easier to bring to their attention if they had not recently made it impossible to effectively criticize them publicly unless you’ve got the power, authority and resources to build and run your own personal Internet from scratch (as in : server farms, high tech workers, satellites and power generation plants.)

No matter which side screwed the pooch, the inescapable fact is that one hell of a lot of bad stuff has gone down on their watch when they were getting tons of power and money, from us, to prevent it from going down (who knows, maybe they pushed it.)

To those of us who are the intended canon fodder in the coming proxy war it matters which side is which. We need to know when, and where and if to run, fight or take a nap. But alas, that cannot be, because everybody . . . and I mean everybody . . . is either lying their heads off or withholding facts that our lives and livelihoods may well depend on.

Makes ya want to reach out for your nearest copy of “The 5 Stages of Grief” to see if maybe there was another stage tucked in there somewhere . Something between Denial and Anger , maybe , called “Totally Fucking Bewildered.”

Are all of us just getting ourselves too worked up by scaring each other with tough talk, scary clothes and drama? Or is this joint actually going to tear itself in two?

Are things going to get way better, way worse, or fumblefuck down the wobbly middle like they usually do? (or did ) Damned if I know. It feels like I have flipped three coins into the air as a last resort to resolve the questions, and all three coins came down balanced on their edges.

See ya later. I think. At least, I’m fairly sure, hopefully.

If you accept the unacceptable, then you get the intolerable, and if you don’t accept it, then WTF ?

American political activity for the past 4 years has been a psycho screaming chaos of enormously important questions for which all possible answers are just totally fucking off the wall horrible no matter what is your preferred political tribe, nor how deep you care to delve (or not). Did I say America ? I meant to say the world..

Neither WW2 nor the American Civil War compares usefully to the current level of confusion and anxiety. At least back then the issues were fairly clear-cut : For the Civil War the issues were States’ Rights , Secession and Slavery. For WW2 the issues were : Quasi-Semi-Democracy vs Officially Legal Tyranny , and the issue of inalienability of human rights vs humans as rulers’ chattel .

Oh, to have our problems be so simple once again. But wait ! They still are that simple . In fact the issues are not just as simple, they are literally the same issues as they were back then : human rights, sovereignty, self defense, slavery, and the rights of rulers vs the rights of the ruled.

So what changed ? Why do our modern problems feel so much more complicated now as compared to then ?

That’s easy : Sheer fucking numbers of people, and the unexpected emergence of totally unforeseen technology.

In 1860 the world’s population hovered around a billion and today it’s SEVEN TIMES that many. Back then espionage was sketchy , slow, very hard to staff, and constrained by the sheer laboriousness of the tasks. Today people carry cell phone spies in their pockets by the billions, and digest the information with super-computers and psychology driven AI software. A billion dollars can be sent half way around the world in less time than it would take an old time banker to start loading it onto a horse drawn wagon.

We have no systems provenly tested to deal with that, and you gotta know that humans have tried them all. So it’s not the issues that are new. It is the parameters and logistics and capabilities that are new.

For example, governments have always spied on their people and always will. And people try to evade that spying, as they always have. Neither of those things are new, nor will either of them ever go away (because human beings shall compete. Period !) What has changed is ultra high technology that enables a far smaller number of spies to dig far far more deeply into far far far more people’s business.

The reason Assange and Snowden are prisoners (thankfully they avoided execution or assassinations) is that they enabled the populace to counteract . . . to some small degree . . . the exorbitant advantage that technology was providing to government. The reason that government is working so ferociously to censor and control the Internet is that the Net has been giving a pretty darned big advantage to the populace. Rulers view Freedom of Speech and Communication as a clear and present danger . As well they should, because it is. So there ya are. Plain and simple. Just not easy.

It’s pretty obvious that the way to fight back is to use the technology itself to circumvent the obstacles and vulnerabilities which government is now using technology to exploit. In other words : use tech to not be spied on (like Snowden did). Use tech to bypass their attempt to censor free speech (like Assange did). Use tech to let everybody else know about it (like both of them did).

Ironically , but not at all surprisingly, it’s the bad guys themselves who ensure that the bad guys will be defeated. They accelerated a fight which had previously been fairly stably balanced. That was dumb, because the fight can never go away nor be excessively won nor excessively lost. The fight is baked into the structure of the frigging Universe itself for crying out loud ! Individuals (and groups of individuals, too) must compete in order to survive. Period . Thinking that they could tip the scales enough to significantly change the balance for very long was just plain stupid.

If you build a machine that can rule the world then the individuals (and groups) of the world will compete to see who gets to run the machine. Duh !

By taking away our freedom of speech , assembly , self defense and free movement the bad guys are inadvertently creating increased demand for those very same things. And in that manner the bad guy’s are being the proactive agents of their own undoing. Had they not threatened to take the things that I cherish, then I would not now be demanding more of those very things. Nor would I be calling for the thieves to be rolled up and stored somewhere unpleasant for a while.

This isn’t World War 3, it’s Global Civil War 1

Earth has been predominantly Globalist ever since the Internet got a firm grip on the communication of ideas, money, espionage and machine control.

Now Earth is arguing , heatedly, over who gets to be boss. The current chaos is not a war ‘between nations’ over resources . (Hell, if you need or want any materials in any quantity, just buy them online and pay with digitized money using more internet gizmos. )

This shifty dodgy dirty dog fight of truth, lies and betrayals isn’t nations fighting over the globe, it is a Civil war on the Global Scale, over who gets to be Chairman of the Board . It’s being fought by the same power coalitions who already own everything , to see who gets the inordinate privilege of being the boss.

It is a straight up raw power struggle, back alley rules ( i.e. no rules). Forget about law except in the Public Relations sense, the players will do what they can do. They know the risks, make their plays, and take their chances.

I am extremely confidant that it’s going to get much much wilder and crazier, as in “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

On most mornings you will awaken to news of some fresh outrage which far exceeds what you imagined possible. For examples : Beijing Biden won the Presidency. The Office of President of the United States is summarily banned from communicating to America’s citizenry. The Supreme Court declines to hear evidence about election fraud which is driving the Nation to the brink of open warfare. 25,000 combat ready troops have securely cordoned off a “Green Zone” around the capital in Washington to “celebrate” a “virtual” inauguration.

This the first instance that we know of in human history in which a single conflict simultaneously engaged every person every where in such an ‘immediate personal consequences’ sort of way.

What I don’t know about the detailed mechanics of the struggle would fill volumes, but it sure is interesting to watch. And watching the action very very closely indeed is good advice if you want to keep your body and soul connected and under your own personal control over the next few weeks, months and years.

Stop, Thief !!!!

What if someone stole your car, and you were forbidden from reporting them to the police , or calling out for help ? Hell, forbidden is too weak of a word. Let’s say instead that you were physically prevented from reporting your car stolen or identifying the thief who you saw take it.

Well that’s what just happened to President Donald Trump.

The thieves who stole the election from him are ganged up to prevent him from reporting the crime. It has been made physically impossible, and virtually illegal, for the remainder of us to cry “Stop, thief !”

Joe Biden and the Democrats just rigged the election and Trump was prevented from calling them out to face the evidence.

Then he was forbidden (by full spectrum censorship) from reporting the facts to U.S. citizens. When he persisted in the attempt to obtain justice, he was then physically prevented (by means of social media account removal)) from reporting the facts and the evidence supporting those to U.S citizens when all of Big Tech companies cancelled all of his (and his allies) accounts.

Is it starting to dawn on you ? Aha, yes, you’re seeing the wider picture now.

This isn’t about what just happened to Trump. This is about what just happened to YOU.

This is way bigger than Donald J Trump. He’s just a President. We’ve had 45 of them. I’m talking about your country . You only have one of those.

What just got stolen wasn’t the presidency. It was an entire country. And you are being prevented from calling for help or reporting the crime. They stole not only the law , but also the apparatus to make and enforce the future laws. And the first thing they’ve done with this new power is to literally make it against the law to report them for the crime. If you use your Constitutionally guaranteed right to accuse them, then you will be outlawed as a terrorist. Neat little trick. The new law is that you cannot ever say that they broke the law, and they can say anything about you that I want. In fact, they’ve given themselves powerful positions (with high salaries) to get paid for screwing with you. That’s one slick arrangement. They get to paid to silence you from saying that they are getting paid to silence you !

That’s pretty horrifying alright but there is truly no need to be anxious about it, because it’s already over and done. That is just a phase in the game and that phase of the game is over. Wait, let me rephrase that understatement. It is not just over. It has been way over and for a long time. Were the circumstances any different than what they really are right now ( meaning, in reality) then the Nation Thieves could not possibly have got as far as they did without being shot dead or consigned to prison for life.

Really ? That’s some wild stuff I’m laying down here, is any of it actually true ? To which I can only answer, “Well, you know what the proof of the pudding is. Tell me what the pudding in that bowl there in front of you tastes like ”

The people who defrauded the electorate, hacked voting systems (electronically and otherwise) , censored the media and internet, and brazenly denied basic Civil Rights to the Office of the President and to the current officeholder himself, are still walking around as free as you please. Their co-conspirators are, too.

That sort of flaunts who won the tussle, doesn’t it? I could be made wrong about that if a bunch of culprits were suddenly rounded up and prosecuted, but so far that hasn’t happened.

As much as I dearly and fervently wish that it were otherwise, I cannot ignore the obviousness of the situation. For so long as those traitorous criminals and thieves remain unpunished , then my country remains stolen.

I want it back. So should you.

It’s the Commies, again

I used to think that political accusations that someone or other in high position was “Trying to destroy the country !” was just stupid hyperbole.

I’ve changed my mind. I now do think that certain people in high position America are, indeed, proactively trying to destroy this country.

But that’s crazy, you might say (as I used to say myself, in fact), no one in their right mind would try to destroy the power structure that they are standing on and depend on for their own personal power.

That’s true. They wouldn’t. But what if the power structure they’re standing on and depend on for their personal power is NOT the United States of America ?

Well in that case then trying to destroy America makes all the sense in the world, especially if doing so is in the interests of the folks you actually do work for and depend on for your juice.

Such is the case for a whole bevy of bureaucrats and billionaires ( far too numerous to list by name here. Besides, you already know their names) who are hysterically attempting to simultaneously do the following crazy shit :

Remove Trump , censor the internet, eliminate free speech and replace it with approved speech [ approved by whom ?] , revise the biological fact of gender, use pandemic as a means of dictatorial populace control , “Great Reset” the financial and governing structure of the entire world, restore the suicidality imbalanced trade arrangements with China, criminalize previously accepted standards of political thought, track & record the movements and communicated thoughts and behaviors of all human beings, surreptitiously influence (control) the movements thoughts and behaviors of all human beings , replace the nuclear family as the primary unit of social order and replace it with government authorities , redefine the word “racist” to mean “anyone who opposes our agenda” , remove the individual as the primary unit deciding political power limits and replace it with organized associations which already have political authority over individuals. I could go on at greater length. So could you.

What do those crazy intentions all have in common ? They are all evolved from the works of Karl Marx , and they also constitute the openly admitted and publicly promoted agenda of the Chinese Communist Party.

The solution is so extremely simple as to sound overly simplistic, but in fact it really is this simple : individuals who espouse that Communist agenda are to be financially, legally and politically removed from their positions of authority and made to play the persuasion game by the same rules as the rest of us. No more cheating. Some of the worst cheaters have seriously violated very big and important laws. Consequently, many of them must be prosecuted and , if found guilty, put in prison to safeguard lawful society.

But before I sign off I want to include one more point, and it is a very very important point : These damn Marxist idiots would not keep popping up over and over and over again if there were not some underlying serious problem forcing people to turn to them for solutions. In other words, a real problem suffered by real people with legitimate grievances.

You know as well as I do that grasping , greedy psychopathic robber baron types are causing incalculable suffering and truly outrageous injustices . . . and there are ZERO proposed antidotes to that deadly poison under consideration by our official brain-trust. Just for example, the very concept of trillionaires is an affront to the logical worldview of every rational human being. We have got to solve that problem, fellow citizens, because until we do the angry lunatics are going to keep whipping up the truly downtrodden . . . and you can look out your window (or into your video feed) and see where that leads.

Look at it this way: In every contest there will eventually be a winner and a loser. Because of innumerable differences in circumstances and in skills of individual humans close to half of those people are going to land on the losing side so often that they can’t go on living.

Do you “owe” them a living, like the Commies say ? No, of course not (its not even physically possible) BUT , by the same token, can you reasonably expect them to NOT try to change things around so that they can win in the future ? If they have to form conspiracies or mobs of Commie agitators to gang up and win next time , can you reasonably expect them NOT to ?

Of course not. People are going to do whatever it takes to survive.

Allow greedy oligarchs to rewrite the rules and capture all of the positions of power, in such a way it becomes impossible to survive by playing fair and guess what happens next.

This fight is the big one

This fight is the one you have all been waiting for, so dreadfully , and for so long.

A small yet clearly visible and powerful group of Democrat Party top leadership, Tech giants and Military Industrial Corruptocrats have just carried out stunningly aggressive attacks on the President of the United States, and millions of his law abiding supporters

The Dems are accused of executing the most brazenly fraudulent election in history , following that up with hyperbolic claims that correcting, challenging or even freely discussing the possibility of election fraud were horribly unlawful punishable offenses.

Did I say that well enough ? I’m saying that in transparent service to a self-admitted hostile foreign power (China), Democrat Party politicians and leaders illegally rigged the U.S. Presidential election, and then immediately made it literally illegal to accuse them of the crime. It is now a punishable offense to claim or publish evidence of the crime, or even discuss the subject of the crime to anyone in any setting at any time. Or so the opponents say, and those opponents are in positions to exert legal, financial, technical and physical force with or without any further permissions from you for that authority.

It is no longer even necessary to communicate one’s opinion that fraud may have taken place and should be investigated. Merely wondering if it might be true is now , literally, a criminal act. Law abiding citizens are being arrested and charged at this very moment . Authorities promise thousands more arrests and prosecutions being rushed forward with unprecedented haste.

In openly coordinated action the Main Stream media and Big Tech companies (Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon) conspired to immediately and simultaneously deprive the President and his tens of millions of supporters of access to the public communications platforms they controlled , in unambiguously intentional violation of their Constitutional right to free speech. These are enormous and egregious crimes against the nation itself, because they obliterate the most basic ( in fact essentially necessary ) of the fundamental human rights which make America a democratic republic in the first place: the right to know and share vital information.

Considering that Democracy is literally founded on the principal of giving everyone a voice in discussing and deciding issues, it is pretty crazy to make that same process of democratic discussion and decision to be an act of treason. Yet that is precisely what they have done.

How crazy will their next “solution” be ? Well, I’m saddened and horrified to predict that , based on their previous solutions, their next solution will be to use lethal force to prevent thought and communication and evidence of election fraud from being seen or exchanged by anyone.

But, you say, that’s too crazy to believe ! No one will do that !

To which I say, ” Of course they will do . How silly to say otherwise because they are doing it, right now, at this very moment. And they are ramping it up with maximum haste. Why so fast ? Because they know that if they fail to stop the discussion about election fraud then they shall lose everything . They know this, and they believe this, because it is true. They know there was massive fraud because they are the ones who did it ! They have no doubts about that. You may have doubts, but they don’t. They know for sure. Trump won, Biden lost, and Biden’s team knowingly committed willful treasons betrayals and enormous felonies in the process. All of the perpetrators fear losing their fortunes and their power (and rightfully so) , but the leadership stands to lose a lot more than that. Their leaders expect the very realistic possibility of losing their freedom or even their lives. For them this is an existential crisis.

Better than anyone else, these lawbreakers KNOW what is in store for themselves when the truth finally leaks its way out into fully public awareness, about what they did and why they did it.

Stealing an election on behalf of a hostile foreign power is a very very big deal. Those who did so knowingly and maliciously will almost certainly be sent to prison for life or executed. So it is no wonder why they fight against disclosure as though their lives depended upon it. Their lives do depend on it.

Remarkably, alternative media ( far from being powerless) now have it completely within their ability to turn this apparent defeat into glorious victory. It’s as easy as talking. If they choose to do it then no one can stop them. All they have to do is tell the truth. Just say it or write it . . . and put it online, just like I’m doing now.

Hold the fraudulent election trial in the unregulated public forum of the internet. Outline, list, summarize, explain, document, present evidence and argument ALL of the facts, statements, affidavits, forensics, etc. and broadcast it hither and yon across the Internet in the same way are practiced in doing. .

Don’t wait for “Declass” , SCREW official declassification permission. Just print it. Fuck the possible exposure of spies, just dox the bastards. Lay every single fact right out there in the sunlight and let people sort it all out for themselves. Let the people of earth decide what’s right or wrong about any and all of it.

Why do this ? Because if you don’t do it by peaceful means (like unrestricted freedom of speech and exchange of vital information) then it is going to be settled the other way . That other way would be a bloodbath such as the world has never contemplated.

Don’t think of it as the “3rd” or “4th” World War, though, because it will be no such thing. Oh for sure it will involve the whole world, that’s obvious, but it won’t be nation vs nation. It will be internecine Civil war , on a planetary basis, and it will have to be to the bitter end . . . because both sides believe ( honest to God believe ) that they must prevail in order to survive at all. If and when my thoughts and identity and grasp of what life is all about suddenly because Capital Offenses punishable by death or imprisonment (because my opponent deeply believes these characteristics are deadly evil !) , I will be forced to kill or be killed . And so will you . On BOTH sides of the philosophical false divide.