You have no idea how powerful you are

No. I mean really. I mean that the power you hold, as a lonely little old individua human being, is as absolute and irreversible as an exploding super nova, and I ain’t saying that in any sort of poetical sense. I’m saying it factually.

Every action that you perform, large or small, changes the world in some way ( large or small) that absolutely can not be reversed by any amount of force or authority. Once you do it, it remains done. Forever.

For example. Go to your smart phone and your browser. Replace your browser with Brave or Opera for all internet access. Replace Twitter and Youtube with Gab and Bitchute or Rumble. Switch your search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo or Yandex. Change your email from GMail to Proton.

Done. Go about your daily life just like you always have, and never touch Google, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter ever again. Your life gets simpler, easier and happier . . . and four of the most dangerous and evil criminal enterprises in the world just shrivel up and die. And there is nothing they can do to stop you or change the effect of what you just did.

You just killed them and saved yourself (and the world.) Pretty easy.

Like I said, you have had no idea how powerful you are.

It’s time to #KillTwitter, #KillFacebook and #KillGoogle

It is no longer enough to simply avoid or ignore the Tech Giants. It is now necessary to kill them. No need to complicate this. They have to go.

Twitter, Facebook and Google deserve to die because they mean to kill you , first silencing your ability of self defense and then labelling you as a bad thinking person who deserves to be silenced and removed. If you have no voice or power of self defense then you are toast. It’s them or you, literally, so make your choice. It’s as easy as “clicking” to do it . No one’s going to miss them when they’re gone.

So-called “Big Tech” just flipped off the Constitution, banned free speech, crushed critics (with lies, algos and censorship) and helped pull off the biggest (felonious) election fraud in human history. Big Tech’s owners are obscenely rich , above the law and hold you in total contempt. They reckon you are a mob of morons who they can “aim” like a weapon at anyone and everyone they want to destroy. They do it with the promotion, bans, censorship and psychological profiling and manipulation that forms the very core of their disgusting business model. Basically they steal, brainwash and betray for money.

I highly recommend that you kill them before they finish the job of killing you, because they very very very much intend to kill you . . . you stand in their way now, so they aim to deep six you as a dangerous liability, and pronto.

You are a liability because you can kill them as easily as you made them rich in the first place : just click a different button on your phone or browser. So they need to remove you from the equation you before you figure that out. But First , they need to switch to a safer legally guaranteed income business model. They want to be tax supported, protected by law, and not have to compete for their money. They wanna be financed by the captive tax payer, not the shifty market.

How ? Easy as this: get turned into a regulated , monopoly, Public Utility. Bingo! Money for nothing and chumps for free.

Once they accomplish that ( and they’re real close now) you are no longer needed for anything. You become a noisy and annoying bother, and ya know how that ends, right ? Same orders as always : sit down, shut up, take what we give you, and don’t do anything until we tell you to.

So which one is going to happen first ? Are you going to wise up and click on a different App, or are they going to finish you off once and for all?

Jan 6, 2021 , a day that shall live on in . . . or will it ?

If Team Trump feeds its supporters nothing but another nothing burger on the much hyped January 6 Wild Times Rally in DC , then I think a lot of them are going to puke him out. At the very least there must be the release of heretofore hush-hush information about the so-called Black Hats. Deeds must be exposed, names must be spoken, the fucking details must be detailed.

If that doesn’t happen, after four years of promises to drain the swamp, and at a crucial moment when the eyes of the world are laser focused on that singular event in Washington . . . then that’s that. Between now and the day when the Trump Presidency constitutionally ends (Jan 20) there is no better time to present his case to the world and capture public opinion. No better venue for staging an end-run around media censorship, and delivering the truth directly to the people of the world (and America in particular) about how the cheaters are cheating them, and who the cheaters really are (by name).

Can we the people fix this mess with that information ? Maybe, maybe not. But one things is certain : that without that information (and/or with a Black Hat controlled White House, Senate and House of Representatives) the people of the United States are headed straight into a bloody civil war, which can only or ever spill over round the world.

mRNA Vaccines : The Biggest & Riskiest Genetic Engineering Experiment of All Time

Diamonds aren’t forever, genes are. So-called ‘Messenger RNA’ ( mRNA) based vaccines are a key step in the march toward legalization of engineering human genetic DNA code. Once changed, that DNA code lasts forever. So, put those two ideas together and what do you come up with? You got it . Forever is a long time. Anything introduced into the main code DNA of the cell is now part of that cell’s blue print. If it’s something good, hey, swell ! But if it’s not so good . . . or even deadly, tough luck.

So-called “messenger” RNA takes a bit of genetic code and places it in the cell so that the cell can manufacture specific proteins. RNA strands alone do not ( and probably cannot ) alter the cell’s chromosomes, BUT it is a crucial step towards future practices that will. Such practices are already extensively used to genetically alter plants and animals. Genetic engineering is a world wide jillion dollar industry. They know how, they have practiced on animals, and they have openly admitted wanting to genetically modify humans.

The only thing stopping such psychopathically stupid ( forever is a long time ) genetic modification of humans is the Law !

Legalizing the injection of humans with mRNA vaccines just completely removed one of the biggest legal obstacles standing in their way. Danger, danger. Forever is a long time.

No matter how great the odds are for only mostly good results , the odds for getting a bad result damned well better be absolute zero, or else you are toast. Think of it as playing Russian roulette with a really big revolver that holds millions upon millions of empty chambers and only a few dozen bullets ( the odds in your favor look GREAT!) . . . . . BUT you must now pull the trigger non-stop, over and over again, forever. Oops. Better call your bookie and cancel that bet because the odds just took a major U-Turn for the worse.

You get the picture.

So the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines might be just fine, or maybe not. Who knows ? That’s why it’s called an experiment. If it doesn’t work out, well then a few million (or a few hundred million) people might die prematurely, but if it does work (to their way of thinking at least) then the Gateway to the glorious future of injectable genetic engineering is thrown wide open. Wahoo ! Jillionaires would call that a ” Win-Win” situation.

It isn’t, of course. By which I mean to say clearly that it is not the imagined ” win-win” that they believe it is. Notice that I say they believe it is rather than think it is. If they were actually thinking they would see that the unstoppable chain of causal-effective events they’re setting in motion eventually includes them, too. Them as individual human creatures. It’s their DNA too, ya know?

They understand the science of it just well enough to support an unwarranted belief that the experiment will get them more of what they want. And they are simply too stupid to do the math which proves beyond shadow of doubt that the experiment (when carried out) will result in the exact opposite.

They will lose everything of value that they ever wanted, because, like I said, diamonds aren’t forever. Genes are.

What’s So Wrong With AOC’s Free Money ?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to be the most visible aggressive proponent of this Modern Monetary Theory bullbuzz going around lately, and I gotta admit it does sound tempting at first blush.

I mean the filthy rich have been doing it for themselves like forever, right, so why not for the rest of us, too ?

Her sales pitch , boiled down to its basic goo goes like this :  It doesn’t matter how much “borrowed into existence” debt is created because we can just fire up the good ol’ counterfeit machine and print up as many Yankee Dollahs as we need to pay it all off . That’s what we’ve been doing for decades, and despite a few glitches (like the crash of ’08 !) it’s been working great for us back here in the USSA.

So far (as in,   “up til now” )  however, it looks like all of this free money has gone only to the rich. It goes to them as “loans” (low-to-no interest , by the way) who launder it by “investing” in worthless imaginary shit like Apple or Microsoft stock , or gazillion dollar palaces in the Hamptons that can ALWAYS and FOREVER  be bought today for 1 dollah and sold tomorrow for 2 (netting a nice profit, over and over again).  Any shortfall in that scam is made up for by flogging the serfs to work harder for less money, or ( better yet !) . . . shipping their factories and jobs off to China where slaves are happy to produce the same items for fraction of the cost of making it here at home. Voila ! Lower prices and higher profits in one swoop.

The fantasy she is selling is to convince the peasants that they, too,  can get in on the free money long-con .   Of course anyone with a brain cell  intuitively  knows there’s something wrong with that picture, BUT  they sure would like some of that free money for themselves, too . Like , why should the rich get it all ?  AND  shit, we’ve gotten away with it this far, haven’t we?  Why not for a bit longer ?  And if the whole shebang IS all going to come crashing down anyway then why shouldn’t   WE   (poor folk) get in on some free buckets of honey  before they’re all gone ?

AOC presents a pretty compelling argument, insofar as the poor folk are concerned, but there are a few itsy bitsy little flaws (like mass starvation, world war and certain death) but , hey, nothing’s perfect right ? Here is what’s really wrong with her sales pitch :

1.   First and foremost : the rich guys who write the rules and make the laws will  never ever   let any more poor folk in on the racket to any greater degree than the poor folk are already in on the skim.  In other words, she can not get such legislation passed, and so the  temptation she dangles is just another politician-style lie to get herself elected.

2.   Unbeknownst to the poor starving masses in America (who sincerely do picture themselves as exploited victims)  America’s middle and lower and lowest classes are themselves beneficiaries of the scam already .  They’re just not “math aware” enough to see it clearly. You see it is not America’s poor who are being ripped off. It is the people outside our borders who are being bled dry.  They are forced to borrow worthless dollars (fake money)  and pay it back with REAL money , REAL work, and REAL  products. 

Everybody in America ( including the poor) have been enjoying the benefits of this free ride ever since the US Dollar became  the World Reserve Currency in 1944 (treaty of Bretton Woods, ratified by the 44 largest countries, including the USSR). If you wonder what the “financial system” is, well that system (Bretton Woods) is the system. The ratified agreement made it a legally enforceable fact that international debt would be denominated in U.S. Dollars. It made the dollar King.

Don’t break your brain on this point. It’s way more simple than it’s made to appear. Basically, if I loan you dollars then you can’t pay me back in wampum. You must get your hands on dollars to pay me back if I say so. And the courts of the world will back me up on it. No exceptions.

3.   No one knows the upper limit of just how far (or for how much longer)  this ridiculous ripoff can continue before the true victims  (i.e. the rest of the world) reach the end of their rope and declare  “No mas ! ” But there is one thing they all know and agree upon :  The world is teetering on the brink of that “system”  breaking under the load of too much real money being demanded from real producers (i.e. the rest of the world)  to pay back too much fake money to counterfeiters  (i.e. the USA). 

In other words,  no way  will the powers that be hasten ‘The End Of The World As They Know’ It by giving freebies to ungrateful poor people. Those same poor people, however, might soon hit the end of their rope, and put an end to the world of the rich anyway. In other words, revolt.

4. THEREFORE AND ON THE OTHER HAND :   Rich folks might  be persuaded to pay poor folks not to revolt,  and that is the card that AOC is playing .   China would like to see this  because it will speed up doomsday for the USA’s hegemonic empire. That’s why China has been so enthusiastically bank rolling every Democrat, publisher and commie agitator they can get their hands on by any and ever means possible, fair or foul. Buy, bribe, blackmail, trick, persuade, fake, or do it themselves and pretend to be someone else. Makes no difference to them, just as long as it works.

The Chinese Communist Party knows beyond the slightest shadow of any doubt that they cannot rule the world until the US Dollar Reserve Currency does NOT  rule the world.

5. So, probably yeah. We could all get free money for a while  (just not very much and not for very long ) . . . BUT it will trigger the true end of US hegemony and hand the world over to the CCP on a china platter. Pun intended.

 Conclusion :  If you do get the free money, use it to learn Mandarin.

It’s not what you think

If you have been feeling uneasy recently in a distinctly peculiar sort of way, then this essay may help you relax, a little. The current situation is not what you probably think it is. Neither you nor the world are that much crazier than it (or you) have ever been.

That weird cognitive disorientation you feel is the effect of actions inflicted upon you that are known as PsyOps ( Psychological Operations.) People used to just call it propaganda, but in these days labels have to sound more “techno” to be taken seriously. It’s just more bullshit. By my age you get used to such crap, and try not to give it any undue respect. In other words, you are being shot at , in a “virtual” manner of speaking, by both sides in a very large and important world conflict. Their narcissism knows no bounds. Their psychological manipulations are not even close to being as workable or effective as they flatter themselves to believe, but it does fuck people up when being administered from multiple fire-hoses, 24/7 , for years at a stretch. People need true information in order to think straight. They feel awful when they just can’t get it.

So who’s fighting ? Pretty much the same sides that fought the last few big ones ( World Wars 1, 2 and Cold) and pretty much over the same issues. That should come as no surprise, and I’m guessing that it doesn’t, really. Political divisions are based on human nature, which changes very slowly, if at all.

Here is the situation in a nutshell. This war is very very much a continuation of the previous war , that didn’t really stop in 1945. It just fell back and regrouped. And why would it stop, since so little actually changed. There was an intermission, that’s all. All the players still had most of their previously held “wherewithal” necessary to the prosecution of war. Yes the Axis military got their toys smashed, and a few of the worst war criminals were executed, imprisoned or made to sit in the corner for a few years . . . but not bloody many. Most of them were back up and running by 1950. The wants and intentions of the major factions were exactly the same as before, and so their objectives and actions were the same too.

The material wherewithal (cash, industry and real estate) of those factions didn’t change by much either , except to the extent that democratic republics got a few decades head start on the fascist dynasties and communist masses. But it wasn’t long before everyone was back in the game. Left, Right and Center , just as before.

We are now at the internecine violence stage of that Great Game . For all practical purposes this might as well be 1939. Right on schedule. World Wars happen every few decades , so this one is right on schedule ( a tad overdue actually.)

You might think I’m being hyperbolic. Fine. Suit yourself. The world doesn’t not care whether you believe what’s in front of your nose or not, and neither do I.

I just want you to understand that the “boggled mind” and broadband hysteria that you and everybody else has been experiencing is not some unexplainable ‘never-before-seen’ new aspect humanity. And it’s no accident, either. It’s the effect of being PsyOpped , so relax. You’re not insane.

As of this writing the rhetoric is rising and battle lines are being drawn. I do not see anyone backing off or backing down, so that means the next stage is violence. and by that I do not mean hooligans and citizens mixing it up on the streets. I mean organized military violence. Between nations. If you choose the wrong side on that one, when that time comes around. it can go very badly for you. So please, clear your head and choose wisely. The Chinese Communist Party are very bad people.

On January 20th, 2021 three million seven hundred twenty-nine thousand four hundred seventeen Chinese Twitter bots (“Twitterbots”) will anoint Joe Biden POTUS

Of course anointing him so doth not make it so, but they will say he is President, nonetheless. No need for a full length essay when the headline says it all. I invented that number, by the way, but it is factually damned close (based on published facts) , and is certainly an underestimate of the real number of anti-American political “bots” in play by our adversaries in the ongoing saga of the 2020 US presidential election.

Confusion is confusing, which explains why they work so hard to keep you confused

It’s all so confusing. Reality is confusing. Except it isn’t, really. You have understood it well enough for quite some time now, you just don’t choose to get up off your fat (safe) arses to do anything about it. Just like me. And there’s is a perfectly rational explanation why that is.

The horrifying reality  ( and yes, it is horrifying, and yes it is also reality )  is that the economic system of the world is a single system.  A Muslim or Chinese or American billionaire is  . . . first and foremost . . .  simply a billionaire, and that billion has no loyalties. Money has no moral sense, nor patriotic fervor.  It’s just wampum.   The control of money ( and thus the ownership of all things, all salaries, all institutions, all possible interests.)  has no national boundaries. It respects no national values, and obeys no (ridiculously fictitious) “national elections.”  The United States Presidential Election is not an election.   It is a transnational “auction”  attended by all of the billionaires from all over the world.  It will be “won”  by the most powerful faction of players (i.e. has greater control of the money). Right now it looks like CCP and its stake holders have the advantage, but that could change . 

How could it not change ? Things are breaking, shrinking, disappearing (open communication of sensible thought being not the least of which.) The world is getting weaker as a result, and the value of peasant votes weakens right along with it.

In other words, the election and the votes themselves do not mean shit because everything that could possibly pertain to the election and to the votes  (e.g. who got the most votes,  or which votes were legal or illegal, or fraudulent etc.)  is for sale to the aforementioned billionaires.   Even the information about that information is for sale.  That’s why the Chinese Communist Party bought up the  mainstream media,  or suborned it with cash and blackmail as pregame warm-up step #1.  Just as they have also done with Academia,  and the “Uni-Party”. [ Uni-Party;  the financial elites of all stripe considered as a single, politically collaborative,  entity].

The volume , magnitude  and awe inspiring chutzpah of the lies being told (to the American electorate in particular, at the moment) is so overwhelmingly overwhelming that I’m losing interest in even talking about it any more.It would take a science fiction writer of considerable imaginative skill to even match the depth of deceit and betrayal  that is simply the day-to-day business of the folks who run our world,  and nearly impossible to exaggerate.

It’s all very confusing because deliberate confusion is the primary product of our times. It’s what they’re selling. Hell, they’re shoving it into your face whether you asked for it or not. Why ? Because confusion is better even than secrecy for hiding the dire fuckery they are up to.

No one thinks any of the proposed solutions are going to work. No one. Everyone knows the system is irreparably broken. Everyone. The only question is about what the hell is going to happen as a consequence? Theories abound. Here’s mine :

Some folks are going to get wiped out. Others will be rubbed out. And a precious few will bask in the drug-rush of temporary ( very temporary) and reduced power as the combined strength of failing shrinking illogical systems gets smaller and weaker and dumber.

Most of us , however, ( and here is the good news) are simply going to continue doing what we have always done, which is also the only thing we are able to do. And that is to go on living until further notice.

It’s official: The US has gone coup coup

The government of the United States of America is completely capable of knowing the precise number of legal votes that have been cast for all candidates in the 2020 national election that took place on November 3. Do you not think our empire is able to count? The numbers were known immediately. Period.

The explanation for those numbers not being revealed is that there is a battle raging over which version of the numbers will become official. Which is to say, an ongoing coup d’etat . I say coup rather than election because the election was over a week ago, and what’s happening now is a fight . It will be won by the side with the most power. In other words, a coup.

So, until the official version is certified, the country is officially coup coup.