(dark) Winter Wonderland

Every movement needs an Anthem , so I reckon that the Eurasian Techno-Commies ( plus good old Joe ! ) need one too .  Here’s my contribution to this Brave New World Order. Copyright (c) 1984   Sung to the tune of  “Winter Wonderland” .  For best effect ,  imagine this swan song of democracy being crooned in the powerfully honied tones of Johnny Mathis.

NSA, they are listenin’
Bankers’ eyes, are a glistenin’
The people in fright
We’re happy alright
This is our dark winter wonderland.

Privacy is a new word
Lies Are Truth, haven’t you heard?
When we say it’s wrong
You best play along
Cause this is our dark winter wonderland.

In the Whitehouse we can put a straw man
You pretend he’s sane and loves the poor
He’ll ask how you like all the policemen
Now that they are breaking down your door !

So be good, don’t conspire
Don’t say we are all liars
The payoff’s been made
Too bad, I’ m afraid
That this is our dark winter wonderland

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