If you could dump Trump FOREVER . . . would you ?

I have a straightforward question for all Democrats and Trump haters everywhere.

If you could dump Trump FOREVER . . . would you ?

Well, obviously that depends on whether you like the Donald or you do not. If you don’t like him ( a lot ) and you could dump him ( forever ) then the answer to the question should be a no brainer, right ?

So why don’t they do it?

It would be so easy. Just call Trump’s bluff. Count the ballots and prove that not only did Joe Biden win the presidency fair and square , but also prove to the entire world (including his most ardent supporters) once and for all, that Donald Trump is both a loser and a god damned liar. It would take all of two days , max, do do that.

So why don’t they do it ?

I can think of a reason.

Can you ?

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