It’s not what you think

If you have been feeling uneasy recently in a distinctly peculiar sort of way, then this essay may help you relax, a little. The current situation is not what you probably think it is. Neither you nor the world are that much crazier than it (or you) have ever been.

That weird cognitive disorientation you feel is the effect of actions inflicted upon you that are known as PsyOps ( Psychological Operations.) People used to just call it propaganda, but in these days labels have to sound more “techno” to be taken seriously. It’s just more bullshit. By my age you get used to such crap, and try not to give it any undue respect. In other words, you are being shot at , in a “virtual” manner of speaking, by both sides in a very large and important world conflict. Their narcissism knows no bounds. Their psychological manipulations are not even close to being as workable or effective as they flatter themselves to believe, but it does fuck people up when being administered from multiple fire-hoses, 24/7 , for years at a stretch. People need true information in order to think straight. They feel awful when they just can’t get it.

So who’s fighting ? Pretty much the same sides that fought the last few big ones ( World Wars 1, 2 and Cold) and pretty much over the same issues. That should come as no surprise, and I’m guessing that it doesn’t, really. Political divisions are based on human nature, which changes very slowly, if at all.

Here is the situation in a nutshell. This war is very very much a continuation of the previous war , that didn’t really stop in 1945. It just fell back and regrouped. And why would it stop, since so little actually changed. There was an intermission, that’s all. All the players still had most of their previously held “wherewithal” necessary to the prosecution of war. Yes the Axis military got their toys smashed, and a few of the worst war criminals were executed, imprisoned or made to sit in the corner for a few years . . . but not bloody many. Most of them were back up and running by 1950. The wants and intentions of the major factions were exactly the same as before, and so their objectives and actions were the same too.

The material wherewithal (cash, industry and real estate) of those factions didn’t change by much either , except to the extent that democratic republics got a few decades head start on the fascist dynasties and communist masses. But it wasn’t long before everyone was back in the game. Left, Right and Center , just as before.

We are now at the internecine violence stage of that Great Game . For all practical purposes this might as well be 1939. Right on schedule. World Wars happen every few decades , so this one is right on schedule ( a tad overdue actually.)

You might think I’m being hyperbolic. Fine. Suit yourself. The world doesn’t not care whether you believe what’s in front of your nose or not, and neither do I.

I just want you to understand that the “boggled mind” and broadband hysteria that you and everybody else has been experiencing is not some unexplainable ‘never-before-seen’ new aspect humanity. And it’s no accident, either. It’s the effect of being PsyOpped , so relax. You’re not insane.

As of this writing the rhetoric is rising and battle lines are being drawn. I do not see anyone backing off or backing down, so that means the next stage is violence. and by that I do not mean hooligans and citizens mixing it up on the streets. I mean organized military violence. Between nations. If you choose the wrong side on that one, when that time comes around. it can go very badly for you. So please, clear your head and choose wisely. The Chinese Communist Party are very bad people.

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