It’s the Commies, again

I used to think that political accusations that someone or other in high position was “Trying to destroy the country !” was just stupid hyperbole.

I’ve changed my mind. I now do think that certain people in high position America are, indeed, proactively trying to destroy this country.

But that’s crazy, you might say (as I used to say myself, in fact), no one in their right mind would try to destroy the power structure that they are standing on and depend on for their own personal power.

That’s true. They wouldn’t. But what if the power structure they’re standing on and depend on for their personal power is NOT the United States of America ?

Well in that case then trying to destroy America makes all the sense in the world, especially if doing so is in the interests of the folks you actually do work for and depend on for your juice.

Such is the case for a whole bevy of bureaucrats and billionaires ( far too numerous to list by name here. Besides, you already know their names) who are hysterically attempting to simultaneously do the following crazy shit :

Remove Trump , censor the internet, eliminate free speech and replace it with approved speech [ approved by whom ?] , revise the biological fact of gender, use pandemic as a means of dictatorial populace control , “Great Reset” the financial and governing structure of the entire world, restore the suicidality imbalanced trade arrangements with China, criminalize previously accepted standards of political thought, track & record the movements and communicated thoughts and behaviors of all human beings, surreptitiously influence (control) the movements thoughts and behaviors of all human beings , replace the nuclear family as the primary unit of social order and replace it with government authorities , redefine the word “racist” to mean “anyone who opposes our agenda” , remove the individual as the primary unit deciding political power limits and replace it with organized associations which already have political authority over individuals. I could go on at greater length. So could you.

What do those crazy intentions all have in common ? They are all evolved from the works of Karl Marx , and they also constitute the openly admitted and publicly promoted agenda of the Chinese Communist Party.

The solution is so extremely simple as to sound overly simplistic, but in fact it really is this simple : individuals who espouse that Communist agenda are to be financially, legally and politically removed from their positions of authority and made to play the persuasion game by the same rules as the rest of us. No more cheating. Some of the worst cheaters have seriously violated very big and important laws. Consequently, many of them must be prosecuted and , if found guilty, put in prison to safeguard lawful society.

But before I sign off I want to include one more point, and it is a very very important point : These damn Marxist idiots would not keep popping up over and over and over again if there were not some underlying serious problem forcing people to turn to them for solutions. In other words, a real problem suffered by real people with legitimate grievances.

You know as well as I do that grasping , greedy psychopathic robber baron types are causing incalculable suffering and truly outrageous injustices . . . and there are ZERO proposed antidotes to that deadly poison under consideration by our official brain-trust. Just for example, the very concept of trillionaires is an affront to the logical worldview of every rational human being. We have got to solve that problem, fellow citizens, because until we do the angry lunatics are going to keep whipping up the truly downtrodden . . . and you can look out your window (or into your video feed) and see where that leads.

Look at it this way: In every contest there will eventually be a winner and a loser. Because of innumerable differences in circumstances and in skills of individual humans close to half of those people are going to land on the losing side so often that they can’t go on living.

Do you “owe” them a living, like the Commies say ? No, of course not (its not even physically possible) BUT , by the same token, can you reasonably expect them to NOT try to change things around so that they can win in the future ? If they have to form conspiracies or mobs of Commie agitators to gang up and win next time , can you reasonably expect them NOT to ?

Of course not. People are going to do whatever it takes to survive.

Allow greedy oligarchs to rewrite the rules and capture all of the positions of power, in such a way it becomes impossible to survive by playing fair and guess what happens next.

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