It’s time to #KillTwitter, #KillFacebook and #KillGoogle

It is no longer enough to simply avoid or ignore the Tech Giants. It is now necessary to kill them. No need to complicate this. They have to go.

Twitter, Facebook and Google deserve to die because they mean to kill you , first silencing your ability of self defense and then labelling you as a bad thinking person who deserves to be silenced and removed. If you have no voice or power of self defense then you are toast. It’s them or you, literally, so make your choice. It’s as easy as “clicking” to do it . No one’s going to miss them when they’re gone.

So-called “Big Tech” just flipped off the Constitution, banned free speech, crushed critics (with lies, algos and censorship) and helped pull off the biggest (felonious) election fraud in human history. Big Tech’s owners are obscenely rich , above the law and hold you in total contempt. They reckon you are a mob of morons who they can “aim” like a weapon at anyone and everyone they want to destroy. They do it with the promotion, bans, censorship and psychological profiling and manipulation that forms the very core of their disgusting business model. Basically they steal, brainwash and betray for money.

I highly recommend that you kill them before they finish the job of killing you, because they very very very much intend to kill you . . . you stand in their way now, so they aim to deep six you as a dangerous liability, and pronto.

You are a liability because you can kill them as easily as you made them rich in the first place : just click a different button on your phone or browser. So they need to remove you from the equation you before you figure that out. But First , they need to switch to a safer legally guaranteed income business model. They want to be tax supported, protected by law, and not have to compete for their money. They wanna be financed by the captive tax payer, not the shifty market.

How ? Easy as this: get turned into a regulated , monopoly, Public Utility. Bingo! Money for nothing and chumps for free.

Once they accomplish that ( and they’re real close now) you are no longer needed for anything. You become a noisy and annoying bother, and ya know how that ends, right ? Same orders as always : sit down, shut up, take what we give you, and don’t do anything until we tell you to.

So which one is going to happen first ? Are you going to wise up and click on a different App, or are they going to finish you off once and for all?

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