Jan 6, 2021 , a day that shall live on in . . . or will it ?

If Team Trump feeds its supporters nothing but another nothing burger on the much hyped January 6 Wild Times Rally in DC , then I think a lot of them are going to puke him out. At the very least there must be the release of heretofore hush-hush information about the so-called Black Hats. Deeds must be exposed, names must be spoken, the fucking details must be detailed.

If that doesn’t happen, after four years of promises to drain the swamp, and at a crucial moment when the eyes of the world are laser focused on that singular event in Washington . . . then that’s that. Between now and the day when the Trump Presidency constitutionally ends (Jan 20) there is no better time to present his case to the world and capture public opinion. No better venue for staging an end-run around media censorship, and delivering the truth directly to the people of the world (and America in particular) about how the cheaters are cheating them, and who the cheaters really are (by name).

Can we the people fix this mess with that information ? Maybe, maybe not. But one things is certain : that without that information (and/or with a Black Hat controlled White House, Senate and House of Representatives) the people of the United States are headed straight into a bloody civil war, which can only or ever spill over round the world.

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