mRNA Vaccines : The Biggest & Riskiest Genetic Engineering Experiment of All Time

Diamonds aren’t forever, genes are. So-called ‘Messenger RNA’ ( mRNA) based vaccines are a key step in the march toward legalization of engineering human genetic DNA code. Once changed, that DNA code lasts forever. So, put those two ideas together and what do you come up with? You got it . Forever is a long time. Anything introduced into the main code DNA of the cell is now part of that cell’s blue print. If it’s something good, hey, swell ! But if it’s not so good . . . or even deadly, tough luck.

So-called “messenger” RNA takes a bit of genetic code and places it in the cell so that the cell can manufacture specific proteins. RNA strands alone do not ( and probably cannot ) alter the cell’s chromosomes, BUT it is a crucial step towards future practices that will. Such practices are already extensively used to genetically alter plants and animals. Genetic engineering is a world wide jillion dollar industry. They know how, they have practiced on animals, and they have openly admitted wanting to genetically modify humans.

The only thing stopping such psychopathically stupid ( forever is a long time ) genetic modification of humans is the Law !

Legalizing the injection of humans with mRNA vaccines just completely removed one of the biggest legal obstacles standing in their way. Danger, danger. Forever is a long time.

No matter how great the odds are for only mostly good results , the odds for getting a bad result damned well better be absolute zero, or else you are toast. Think of it as playing Russian roulette with a really big revolver that holds millions upon millions of empty chambers and only a few dozen bullets ( the odds in your favor look GREAT!) . . . . . BUT you must now pull the trigger non-stop, over and over again, forever. Oops. Better call your bookie and cancel that bet because the odds just took a major U-Turn for the worse.

You get the picture.

So the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines might be just fine, or maybe not. Who knows ? That’s why it’s called an experiment. If it doesn’t work out, well then a few million (or a few hundred million) people might die prematurely, but if it does work (to their way of thinking at least) then the Gateway to the glorious future of injectable genetic engineering is thrown wide open. Wahoo ! Jillionaires would call that a ” Win-Win” situation.

It isn’t, of course. By which I mean to say clearly that it is not the imagined ” win-win” that they believe it is. Notice that I say they believe it is rather than think it is. If they were actually thinking they would see that the unstoppable chain of causal-effective events they’re setting in motion eventually includes them, too. Them as individual human creatures. It’s their DNA too, ya know?

They understand the science of it just well enough to support an unwarranted belief that the experiment will get them more of what they want. And they are simply too stupid to do the math which proves beyond shadow of doubt that the experiment (when carried out) will result in the exact opposite.

They will lose everything of value that they ever wanted, because, like I said, diamonds aren’t forever. Genes are.

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