“They” don’t need no stinkin’ rules

If you’ve been watching current events on the world stage recently, and wondering where their Rule Book got off to,  you might try checking the dumpster.  Don’t be surprised to see  a few other laws and principles laying in there with it.  Rules ?  What  rules ?

There’s just a sort of extrajudicial free-for-all,  by governments and the money that runs them ,  at all levels .  Apparently their immediate desire for certain things takes precedence over disposable trinkets like presumption of innocence,  habeas corpus,  prohibitions against torture and assassination.  Not to mention the Constitution that establishes their jobs and authority in the first place.  They certainly don’t seem overly constrained by the rule of law,  the rules of  accounting, or even the garden variety rules of common sense.  If there are any rules at all in this total balls-up so loosely referred to as a civilization  they bear closer resemblance to the backyard ballgame rules made up on-the-fly by Calvin & Hobbs.

Why even bother to discus things like regulatory reform,  economics or the rule of law when the very language we once used to describe such institutions has itself departed the station ,  leaving Reason standing on the platform ?  The rules of rudimentary logic and the conventions of language have been ignored and twisted so completely and for so long that even  intelligent educated experts behave as though such rules of discourse and  reasoning never existed.

It is remotely possible,  I suppose,  that the Elites’ supremely arrogant disregard for logic, law and morality is simply greed,  ignorance or advanced syphilitic degeneracy …  but I deeply and sincerely doubt it.

To me it looks more sinister.   Some secret guilty fear , only stronger …   like abject palm sweating heart palpitating terror.  The elites reek  of desperation,  as though they are engaged in a fight so dire and despicable that they dare not speak  of it openly ,  even between themselves.  Maybe the real situation is that they understand all too well that the long predicted resource wars of humankind’s collapse into barbarism have begun in earnest.  Maybe they already accept, after so many centuries of false alarms,  that the end actually is near.  It looks that way.  Something sure has ’em spooked .

Just look at the completely obvious situations right out there in plain sight.  No crystal ball or supercomputer required.  Every vital system on earth is either in terminal decline,  or precariously teetered on the brink thereof .  Water,  oil,  soil,  food,  climate,  population,  you name it.   Maybe our leaders are ignoring the din of warnings because they do  ‘get’  what is being screamed at them…  and are acting accordingly,   by saving their own asses first ,  and to HELL with everybody else and the Rule Book with ’em !

If roles were reversed, and you were the one with real power, would you announce Armageddon and possibly turn relatively civilized warfare into utterly internecine chaos?  Or would you deem it wiser to fight dirty for the home team and stock up on things you reckon might come in handy for your tribe when the shit hits the fan ?  Would your fellow tribal elites see that as criminal or heroic?

So although I believe our Leaders are exceedingly unwise and corrupt,  I do not  believe they are stupid or poorly informed.  Nor do I think they share even the slightest wisp of any inclination to stop.  They are just clever rats,  pilfering the ship that they themselves scuttled,  and they view their fellow plunderers as the good guys.

Donald Trump runs for President! Fidel Castro calls for an emergency turn toward free markets and private property.  China dumps Mao and becomes Capitalist Capital of the World.  The Fed announces (and no one laughs) that they henceforth will bankroll America forever … by taking in their own laundry.  And they all speak in the worm-tongue of Finance.

Here is what’s really going on :  There is a no-holds-barred power struggle among the Oligarchs of the world,  to see who will own the serfs and the oil  ( and thus survive ) and who will not.  This is not a drill.  The only rules are those of feudal allegiance,  which shift with the ever changing estimates of probable outcomes.  Laws,  treaties and all other rules of fair play  ( including Financial rules )  serve only to distract the semi-literate,  and are ignored,  defied or rewritten on the fly.  Pure pragmatism.  Now would be a good time to brush up on your Machiavelli.

The vast majority of us are spectators to this blood frenzy…  by birth, choice or temperament.  Or,  if you prefer to say it in the forked tongue of Finance ,  we the people are just another  “tranch”  of stakes in the game.  But don’t believe that you are nothing but a hapless helpless victim…  because you aren’t .  No one has to be a spectator.  Feel free to wade in and get your hands bloody any time you like.

Personally I see see little benefit in that.  Who wants to rule over ashes?  I shall tend my garden,  care for my loved ones,  study & write enough to stay interested ,  listen to some Dylan… and continue  living  until further notice.

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