This isn’t World War 3, it’s Global Civil War 1

Earth has been predominantly Globalist ever since the Internet got a firm grip on the communication of ideas, money, espionage and machine control.

Now Earth is arguing , heatedly, over who gets to be boss. The current chaos is not a war ‘between nations’ over resources . (Hell, if you need or want any materials in any quantity, just buy them online and pay with digitized money using more internet gizmos. )

This shifty dodgy dirty dog fight of truth, lies and betrayals isn’t nations fighting over the globe, it is a Civil war on the Global Scale, over who gets to be Chairman of the Board . It’s being fought by the same power coalitions who already own everything , to see who gets the inordinate privilege of being the boss.

It is a straight up raw power struggle, back alley rules ( i.e. no rules). Forget about law except in the Public Relations sense, the players will do what they can do. They know the risks, make their plays, and take their chances.

I am extremely confidant that it’s going to get much much wilder and crazier, as in “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

On most mornings you will awaken to news of some fresh outrage which far exceeds what you imagined possible. For examples : Beijing Biden won the Presidency. The Office of President of the United States is summarily banned from communicating to America’s citizenry. The Supreme Court declines to hear evidence about election fraud which is driving the Nation to the brink of open warfare. 25,000 combat ready troops have securely cordoned off a “Green Zone” around the capital in Washington to “celebrate” a “virtual” inauguration.

This the first instance that we know of in human history in which a single conflict simultaneously engaged every person every where in such an ‘immediate personal consequences’ sort of way.

What I don’t know about the detailed mechanics of the struggle would fill volumes, but it sure is interesting to watch. And watching the action very very closely indeed is good advice if you want to keep your body and soul connected and under your own personal control over the next few weeks, months and years.

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