Good Conspiracy Theory Wanted

I could really use one right now. Hell, I’d settle for a half-baked hypothesis or lame explanation. Whatever it takes to make any kind of sense out of the events of the past few years , and especially the past couple of months.

I’m not going to itemize some fucking list . You know ’em by heart. But I will mention that the whole damned thing is made up of events that no one from around these parts had ever seen happen before, and so did not really believe would ever happen. And then they happened. One after another, sometimes stacking up two or three deep. A lot of folks are stunned. I sure am.

Unbelievable ! But when something happens, and becomes part of reality, then you sort of have to believe it, right ? Well when I look back on the recent past I just can’t help but notice that there are some really unpleasant facts that occurred. These are things that would not and could not have occurred if the folks running the country were doing their jobs, so that pretty well proves that they aren’t. Getting them to do their jobs would be a whole lot easier to bring to their attention if they had not recently made it impossible to effectively criticize them publicly unless you’ve got the power, authority and resources to build and run your own personal Internet from scratch (as in : server farms, high tech workers, satellites and power generation plants.)

No matter which side screwed the pooch, the inescapable fact is that one hell of a lot of bad stuff has gone down on their watch when they were getting tons of power and money, from us, to prevent it from going down (who knows, maybe they pushed it.)

To those of us who are the intended canon fodder in the coming proxy war it matters which side is which. We need to know when, and where and if to run, fight or take a nap. But alas, that cannot be, because everybody . . . and I mean everybody . . . is either lying their heads off or withholding facts that our lives and livelihoods may well depend on.

Makes ya want to reach out for your nearest copy of “The 5 Stages of Grief” to see if maybe there was another stage tucked in there somewhere . Something between Denial and Anger , maybe , called “Totally Fucking Bewildered.”

Are all of us just getting ourselves too worked up by scaring each other with tough talk, scary clothes and drama? Or is this joint actually going to tear itself in two?

Are things going to get way better, way worse, or fumblefuck down the wobbly middle like they usually do? (or did ) Damned if I know. It feels like I have flipped three coins into the air as a last resort to resolve the questions, and all three coins came down balanced on their edges.

See ya later. I think. At least, I’m fairly sure, hopefully.

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