This fight is the big one

This fight is the one you have all been waiting for, so dreadfully , and for so long.

A small yet clearly visible and powerful group of Democrat Party top leadership, Tech giants and Military Industrial Corruptocrats have just carried out stunningly aggressive attacks on the President of the United States, and millions of his law abiding supporters

The Dems are accused of executing the most brazenly fraudulent election in history , following that up with hyperbolic claims that correcting, challenging or even freely discussing the possibility of election fraud were horribly unlawful punishable offenses.

Did I say that well enough ? I’m saying that in transparent service to a self-admitted hostile foreign power (China), Democrat Party politicians and leaders illegally rigged the U.S. Presidential election, and then immediately made it literally illegal to accuse them of the crime. It is now a punishable offense to claim or publish evidence of the crime, or even discuss the subject of the crime to anyone in any setting at any time. Or so the opponents say, and those opponents are in positions to exert legal, financial, technical and physical force with or without any further permissions from you for that authority.

It is no longer even necessary to communicate one’s opinion that fraud may have taken place and should be investigated. Merely wondering if it might be true is now , literally, a criminal act. Law abiding citizens are being arrested and charged at this very moment . Authorities promise thousands more arrests and prosecutions being rushed forward with unprecedented haste.

In openly coordinated action the Main Stream media and Big Tech companies (Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon) conspired to immediately and simultaneously deprive the President and his tens of millions of supporters of access to the public communications platforms they controlled , in unambiguously intentional violation of their Constitutional right to free speech. These are enormous and egregious crimes against the nation itself, because they obliterate the most basic ( in fact essentially necessary ) of the fundamental human rights which make America a democratic republic in the first place: the right to know and share vital information.

Considering that Democracy is literally founded on the principal of giving everyone a voice in discussing and deciding issues, it is pretty crazy to make that same process of democratic discussion and decision to be an act of treason. Yet that is precisely what they have done.

How crazy will their next “solution” be ? Well, I’m saddened and horrified to predict that , based on their previous solutions, their next solution will be to use lethal force to prevent thought and communication and evidence of election fraud from being seen or exchanged by anyone.

But, you say, that’s too crazy to believe ! No one will do that !

To which I say, ” Of course they will do . How silly to say otherwise because they are doing it, right now, at this very moment. And they are ramping it up with maximum haste. Why so fast ? Because they know that if they fail to stop the discussion about election fraud then they shall lose everything . They know this, and they believe this, because it is true. They know there was massive fraud because they are the ones who did it ! They have no doubts about that. You may have doubts, but they don’t. They know for sure. Trump won, Biden lost, and Biden’s team knowingly committed willful treasons betrayals and enormous felonies in the process. All of the perpetrators fear losing their fortunes and their power (and rightfully so) , but the leadership stands to lose a lot more than that. Their leaders expect the very realistic possibility of losing their freedom or even their lives. For them this is an existential crisis.

Better than anyone else, these lawbreakers KNOW what is in store for themselves when the truth finally leaks its way out into fully public awareness, about what they did and why they did it.

Stealing an election on behalf of a hostile foreign power is a very very big deal. Those who did so knowingly and maliciously will almost certainly be sent to prison for life or executed. So it is no wonder why they fight against disclosure as though their lives depended upon it. Their lives do depend on it.

Remarkably, alternative media ( far from being powerless) now have it completely within their ability to turn this apparent defeat into glorious victory. It’s as easy as talking. If they choose to do it then no one can stop them. All they have to do is tell the truth. Just say it or write it . . . and put it online, just like I’m doing now.

Hold the fraudulent election trial in the unregulated public forum of the internet. Outline, list, summarize, explain, document, present evidence and argument ALL of the facts, statements, affidavits, forensics, etc. and broadcast it hither and yon across the Internet in the same way are practiced in doing. .

Don’t wait for “Declass” , SCREW official declassification permission. Just print it. Fuck the possible exposure of spies, just dox the bastards. Lay every single fact right out there in the sunlight and let people sort it all out for themselves. Let the people of earth decide what’s right or wrong about any and all of it.

Why do this ? Because if you don’t do it by peaceful means (like unrestricted freedom of speech and exchange of vital information) then it is going to be settled the other way . That other way would be a bloodbath such as the world has never contemplated.

Don’t think of it as the “3rd” or “4th” World War, though, because it will be no such thing. Oh for sure it will involve the whole world, that’s obvious, but it won’t be nation vs nation. It will be internecine Civil war , on a planetary basis, and it will have to be to the bitter end . . . because both sides believe ( honest to God believe ) that they must prevail in order to survive at all. If and when my thoughts and identity and grasp of what life is all about suddenly because Capital Offenses punishable by death or imprisonment (because my opponent deeply believes these characteristics are deadly evil !) , I will be forced to kill or be killed . And so will you . On BOTH sides of the philosophical false divide.

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