You have no idea how powerful you are

No. I mean really. I mean that the power you hold, as a lonely little old individua human being, is as absolute and irreversible as an exploding super nova, and I ain’t saying that in any sort of poetical sense. I’m saying it factually.

Every action that you perform, large or small, changes the world in some way ( large or small) that absolutely can not be reversed by any amount of force or authority. Once you do it, it remains done. Forever.

For example. Go to your smart phone and your browser. Replace your browser with Brave or Opera for all internet access. Replace Twitter and Youtube with Gab and Bitchute or Rumble. Switch your search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo or Yandex. Change your email from GMail to Proton.

Done. Go about your daily life just like you always have, and never touch Google, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter ever again. Your life gets simpler, easier and happier . . . and four of the most dangerous and evil criminal enterprises in the world just shrivel up and die. And there is nothing they can do to stop you or change the effect of what you just did.

You just killed them and saved yourself (and the world.) Pretty easy.

Like I said, you have had no idea how powerful you are.

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