We don’t usually get this close of a look into the Abyss

I’m tired of hearing how the Dirty Dossier traces back to “former British spy, Christopher Steele,”  who was “desperate” to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.

Okay, got it. Steele was DESPERATE to save America from #Trump and thereby from RUSSIA !!! . Very stirring. Repetition of that useless tripe will not really be necessary.


It’s not that tough, actually. Just think like an amorally treasonous thief with delusions of grandeur.

Various Globalist elitists ( in other words: profoundly degenerate inbred criminal psychopaths who like to steal money, nurture terrorism, rape children and spy on literally everyone) wanted to save their Eurozone gravy train, and personal perks. Only three things stood in their way: Brexit rumblings in jolly old England , an ex-KGB guy who was WAY smarter then they were, and an outspoken Orange Man.

They remained supremely confident (that’s hubris for ya.)

Billary Clinton had been 1000% on-board for decades. Once she became President ( another 1000% certainty !) then squelching Brexit would be a snap and Putin’s Russia would either fall into line or go broke and collapse again.

Then all of a sudden their plan went to Hell in a hand basket . . . but fast. Despite 24/7 deluge of hostile media hype to the contrary, Trump was elected President and Brexit swept to victory! PANIC !!!

Solution: the STUNNINGLY stupid seditious shit storm, starring Steele’s ludicrously lurid fake-dirt dossier: the Russia Collusion hoax. I won’t waste your time.

It was stupid. It almost worked. They got caught. They are going to jail and it’s gonna take some time.

Jeffrey Epstein was just a dirty little blip. Yes, one of MANY, and yes pedophile/blackmail networks do play a big role, but the actual battle is on the scale of WW2, not one sick narcissist and his psychologically broken, father-raped girlfriend.

Ooops , before ending I ought to pose and answer a key question:
So what was the Globalists’ big strategic mistake? Who did they piss off that is now kicking their ass?

My answer, though truthful, is unavoidably vague because the full true answer may well not even be “knowable”.

The world, in broad view, is actually quite Democratic in a brutal sort of way, and Democracies always LOOK weak from the outside. That’s because there is no single, visible, top dog Enforcing Its Selfish Will upon others whether they like it or not (which is the very definition of “strength” in political terms.)

That apparent weakness in democracies is an illusion. There is ALWAYS a top dog no matter if obscured by all of the democracy-style arguing and bickering, but attack the pack and the chatter stops. Someone starts barking orders, and the attacker gets torn to shreds by a tight knit pack of collaborators.

The Globalists were too narcissistic to acknowledge that there even was a Prime Alpha who wasn’t one of their own (pretty obvious to everyone except them really) and now that Big Dog is taking them out.

So is that a Conspiracy Theory? Nah. It’s more like an observation of astronomical phenomenon, like black holes. You can prove it’s there, and what it is doing to all of the stuff around it, but you will never ever ever be able to look inside to actually see what’s going on (or in this case “who” is Top Dog.)

Dead Empire Walking

So the same laughably misnamed U.S. Department of Justice that provided us with Spygate is now “investigating” itself over the most recent series of unfortunate cluster fucks in the decades-long Epstein travesty .

Why am I not laughing?

Maybe it is because an entire world now stands in silent, stunned, awe of the sheer magnitude of incompetence and malfeasance currently on display.

And when the silence finally breaks, the derision and outrage from that world will cut the last pretenses of pride and dignity from our bones.

The derision, insults, and cynical jokes will be answered just like the demands for justice are being answered now : with silence, excuses, evasion, and ass-covering-bullshit that serves only to protect the depraved.

How could we, as a nation, POSSIBLY let such things go on, in full view, for so long?

Over the course of decades, in just this ONE pedophile operation, there have been at least hundreds (maybe thousands) of children preyed upon and irreparably harmed by at least scores (maybe hundreds) of profoundly degraded criminal psychopaths pretending to be elite.

How is it that NOT EVEN ONE of their victims has yet been provided protection under the law? How is it that NOT EVEN ONE of the perpetrators has yet been brought to proper justice?

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theory to figure that one out, now does it?

At some point the obvious just doesn’t need to be explained away any longer because everybody simply knows what they know because they see what they see : The United States of America is a failed state.

Dead Empire walking.

Pieces of the carcass are being stripped away with impunity even as I write.

So go ahead, laugh, or cry, or shrug your shoulders. Scream in outrage, dissolve into grief, or pretend to be oh-so-intellectually-or-morally ‘above it all’.  Suit yourself. It won’t make any difference in the end,  because dead is just, well,  dead.