And in closing, let me say this . . .

Is the “bottom up revolution” illustrated by the Game Stop short squeeze the utterly unforeseen Black Swan we have yearned for these oh so many years? Will the Globalist psychopaths bankrolling the destruction of civilization finally be checked by the Common Man (&/or other gender?) Will Wall Street vampire squids get their legs cut off at last ?


The squids may be scared shitless at the moment ( they ARE scared shitless) but they will soon come to their senses and shoot that dusky old swan exactly the same way that they did with the last populist uprising. They will cut it off and shut it out and turn the act of even speaking its name into a crime ( I refer to the Trump/MAGA populist uprising) . Team Squid OWNS the machine. It will censor, block and criminalize the communications network ( i.e. the Internet ) that made it possible in the first place. New laws and old tricks are being strategized for swift implementation at this very moment.

And in this manner the insane will both delay the immediacy of the coming Global Civil War , and make it more inevitable, uncontrolled, and violent. Those who the gods would destroy they first make powerful. The insanity part is just a consequence of that. . . as is the “destroyed” part.

I reckon less than one tenth of 1 percent of the general population has INSTANTLY twigged to the implications of the Game Stop kerfuffle . . . but they soon will . And those who see how it must play out will spread the word . . . too little, too late, as usual.

Trump/MAGA was round 1 , the Chinese Bio Warfare attack was round 2 , the fraudulent election takedown of the American Empire (bloodless coup) was round 3 , global Internet censorship (Twitter, Google, et al ) was round 4 , and we are now looking at the first really big punch thrown in round 5 (collapse of the global money system).

Round 5 will end in expulsions, amputations and restrictions that will prevent future attempts to pull off “Game Stop Style” attacks.

Round 6 will be uncontrolled, uncontrollable, and chaotic internecine violence by millions of good people who haven’t the slightest fucking notion of what is actually going on around them. The vast majority will simply be trying to prevent themselves from being murdered by stupid people.

I count among those clueless and hapless people pretty much everyone of you on this fine blog. To make myself unambiguously clear, yes, I am calling you out as clueless, hapless, self-absorbed idiots.

There ! That bridge should burn nicely. Won’t have too many fans around these parts anymore.

Hopefully, ripping into me with all of your individual and collective revenge lust will wake you the fuck up.. Ridicule me ! Prove me wrong. Prove me stupid ! Prove me an arrogant asshole with self delusions of superiority. Maybe the blood lust will increase the blood flow to your starving brain cells.

You should be flattered. You’re part of a tiny handful of people smart enough that I even bother to insult you.

Good bye. It was engaging. I’ll check back from time to time to see if this had any effect, but I doubt that it will. I won’t be posting again unless there is a noteworthy response, which I doubt . On a human emotion level, there’s a bunch of ya that I really like personally . That’s why I try to slap you back into consciousness. Good luck to and bless you all.

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