Stop, Thief !!!!

What if someone stole your car, and you were forbidden from reporting them to the police , or calling out for help ? Hell, forbidden is too weak of a word. Let’s say instead that you were physically prevented from reporting your car stolen or identifying the thief who you saw take it.

Well that’s what just happened to President Donald Trump.

The thieves who stole the election from him are ganged up to prevent him from reporting the crime. It has been made physically impossible, and virtually illegal, for the remainder of us to cry “Stop, thief !”

Joe Biden and the Democrats just rigged the election and Trump was prevented from calling them out to face the evidence.

Then he was forbidden (by full spectrum censorship) from reporting the facts to U.S. citizens. When he persisted in the attempt to obtain justice, he was then physically prevented (by means of social media account removal)) from reporting the facts and the evidence supporting those to U.S citizens when all of Big Tech companies cancelled all of his (and his allies) accounts.

Is it starting to dawn on you ? Aha, yes, you’re seeing the wider picture now.

This isn’t about what just happened to Trump. This is about what just happened to YOU.

This is way bigger than Donald J Trump. He’s just a President. We’ve had 45 of them. I’m talking about your country . You only have one of those.

What just got stolen wasn’t the presidency. It was an entire country. And you are being prevented from calling for help or reporting the crime. They stole not only the law , but also the apparatus to make and enforce the future laws. And the first thing they’ve done with this new power is to literally make it against the law to report them for the crime. If you use your Constitutionally guaranteed right to accuse them, then you will be outlawed as a terrorist. Neat little trick. The new law is that you cannot ever say that they broke the law, and they can say anything about you that I want. In fact, they’ve given themselves powerful positions (with high salaries) to get paid for screwing with you. That’s one slick arrangement. They get to paid to silence you from saying that they are getting paid to silence you !

That’s pretty horrifying alright but there is truly no need to be anxious about it, because it’s already over and done. That is just a phase in the game and that phase of the game is over. Wait, let me rephrase that understatement. It is not just over. It has been way over and for a long time. Were the circumstances any different than what they really are right now ( meaning, in reality) then the Nation Thieves could not possibly have got as far as they did without being shot dead or consigned to prison for life.

Really ? That’s some wild stuff I’m laying down here, is any of it actually true ? To which I can only answer, “Well, you know what the proof of the pudding is. Tell me what the pudding in that bowl there in front of you tastes like ”

The people who defrauded the electorate, hacked voting systems (electronically and otherwise) , censored the media and internet, and brazenly denied basic Civil Rights to the Office of the President and to the current officeholder himself, are still walking around as free as you please. Their co-conspirators are, too.

That sort of flaunts who won the tussle, doesn’t it? I could be made wrong about that if a bunch of culprits were suddenly rounded up and prosecuted, but so far that hasn’t happened.

As much as I dearly and fervently wish that it were otherwise, I cannot ignore the obviousness of the situation. For so long as those traitorous criminals and thieves remain unpunished , then my country remains stolen.

I want it back. So should you.

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